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Original NES version

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Protoman, the recurring sub-boss

Set in what appears to be some sort of smelting facility (because of the "lava"), Shadow Man's stage has many pits into what appears to be lava. There are also special light bulbs (Holograns) on the ceiling that turn the entire room dark when they appear on screen. Proto Man appears in this level in a situation almost identical to his appearance in Magnet Man's stage.

Save the Top Spin for the boss fight. Use the Search Snake freely.

Items found in the stage: 4 small W-capsules (this should encourage the player to use the special weapons).

Enemies list, in order by appearance:

  • New Shotman - a robot that shoots horizontally and in an arc; easy to hit from far away.
  • Mechakkero - a frog robot; hit it easily using the Search Snake.
  • Pickelman Bull - a Metall on a bulldozer; immune to Search Snake.
  • Protoman
  • Peterchy - a walking eye; easy to defeat.
  • Hologran - a robot that creates darkness; it appears on irregular terrains; use the Search Snake for easier navigation.
  • Walking Bomb - they appear together with Holograns; let the Search Snakes clear your path.
  • Parasyu - parachute robots; if they hit Mega Man, they can push him in a pit; jump to a more distant platform and fire.
  • Yambow - "yambow" is Japanese for "dragonfly"; immune to Search Snake.

Megaman2GB enemy3 NewShotman.png Megaman2GB enemy3 MechaKero.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Mekakkero.png Megaman3GB enemy3 PickelmanDada.png Megaman2GB enemy3 Peterchy.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Horogran.png Megaman3GB enemy3 WalkingBomb.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Parasyu.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Yambow.png Megaman2GB enemy3 Yambo.png

Shadow Man[edit]

Shadowman's room
Shadow Man, (C) 1999 Capcom, Inc.
  • Weakness: Top Spin
  • Weapon: Shadow Blade

This guy hops around, slides in attempts to ram into you, and throws huge metal throwing stars. He's one dangerous dude. Only complicating things is the fact that his weakness is the Top Spin, the hardest weapon to use in the game. Use it, dive at him, and pray for the best. Due to the inconsistency of the weapon, it may take a single strike or several. Still, this is preferable to fighting him with the Arm Cannon.

Special weapon[edit]

Defeating him equips Mega Man with the Shadow Blade, which is identical to Shadow Man's shuriken attack. A large shuriken can be fired in three directions (forward, up, diagonal) and it will return to Mega Man if it does not make contact with an enemy.

Victory gets you not only the Shadow Blade, but also the Rush Marine, handy to have in underwater areas. There are three stages with water: Geminiman's, Gemini-Docman's, and the first Skull Fortress stage.


Character designer

Shadow Man is a robot styled after a Japanese ninja. His weapon, Shadow Blade, is coated with Ceramicaltitan (also known as Ceratanium).

  • Serial Number: DW No.24
  • Year of Creation: 2010
  • Strength: He has flexibility.
  • Weakness: He is impulsive.
  • Likes: Surprising other people.
  • Dislikes: Obvious tricks.