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Original NES version

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Big Snakey, the first sub-boss
Two surprise cans. If you're lucky, you can get an E-can.
The second Big Snakey sub-boss

Most of this stage is spent navigating a nest of robotic snakes, which sometimes terminate in mechanical snake-heads both large and small which attack Mega Man. After climbing to the top of this area, Mega Man climbs a tower into the clouds and must hop across flying platforms in the sky in order to reach the boss's room.

Item list:

  • 2 surprise boxes
  • 3 large E-capsules

The only obstacle in the stage are the enemies, that appear in different groups and formations. Here's the list, sorted by apparition:

  • Dada - A weird hopping robot that appears only in Snake Man's stage. One shot easily kills it, but its erratic movement sometimes makes it hard to hit.
  • Petit Snakey - A small snake head. They shoot out one shot in a synchronized pattern, right after closing their eyes. Just dodge and fire 2 shots, they don't take much effort to destroy. ("Petit" is French for "Little").
  • Big Snakey - A giant snake-like head, found only in Snake Man's level. It spits 2 to 4 fireballs at a time, though if one studies its pattern they can find easy ways to avoid these. it spits more fireballs if Mega Man is far away, and less if he's nearer. Despite his big, menacing appearance, he can be defeated pretty quickly and easily with 8 shots.
  • Potton - A robot that resembles the Bunby Helis/Bladers from the first Mega Man game, but rather than trying to dive bomb you, they drop their head out of a jar and try to hit you with it. Just dodge the falling head and move on, and don't waste time shooting them unless they're within your range. The "empty" jar will continue to fly around, but is harmless unless you touch it.
  • Bubukan - A weird, pole-vaulting robot which cannot be attacked until it has jumped and lost its pole. Can be defeated easily by rapid firing once vulnerable, but is still tricky to dodge: jump over it right after it jumps over you.
  • Hammer Joe - A green robot that throws olympic-style hammers (ropes on the end of a ball) at you. He is only vulnerable when he opens his eye right before throwing. Fortunately, his hammers are easily slid under, though it can be tricky to get the precise timing down to shoot him. It needs 8 shots to be destroyed.
  • Jamacy - A fast-moving spider that can also climb ladders. Pretty harmless and easily destroyed on normal land, but if you're climbing up a ladder and one is approaching, you could be in trouble. Use the Shadow Blade aimed up if one approaches you on a ladder.
  • Bomb Flier - A cloud found only in the latter half of Snake Man's stage. If shot, a bullet-like robot comes out and tries to ram you. Best bet is to not bother shooting the cloud and just avoid them altogether.

Megaman3GB enemy3 Dada.png Megaman3GB enemy3 PetitSnakey.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Potton.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Bubukan.png Megaman3GB enemy3 HammerJoe.png Megaman2GB enemy3 HammerJoe.png

Snake Man[edit]

Snakeman's room.
Snake Man, (C) 1999 Capcom, Inc.
  • Weakness: Needle Cannon
  • Weapon: Search Snake

Snake Man attacks by running around the room, pausing periodically to jump into the air and fire a couple of snakes. The snakes he fires slither across the floor, also climbing vertical surfaces until they contact Mega Man. In order to dodge him and his snakes, it would be better to stand on the central pillar of the arena, and jump over him. This guy is actually one of the easiest of the first eight bosses you'll have to fight, because of his extremely regular pattern.

The Needle Cannon is the most effective weapon to use against Snake Man.

Special weapon[edit]

The awarded weapon is identical to the snakes fired by Snake Man. It is effective against Gemini Man, but it's also extremely useful in Top Man's and in Shadow Man's stages.


Character designer

Dr. Wily created Snake Man to investigate narrow areas. He uses a snake-like missiles called Search Snake.

  • Serial Number: DW No.22
  • Year of Creation: 2010
  • Strength: He is a green robot.
  • Weakness: He has elusive ideas.
  • Likes: Toad Man.
  • Dislikes: Slugs.