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Megaman3WW selectionscreen1.png
Mega Man 3 is divided in three parts. First, as in every Mega Man game for the NES, there is a selection screen with eight Robot Masters to defeat. Whenever Mega Man defeats a Robot Master, he gains a special weapon, that is very effective against another specific Robot Master.
Megaman3WW selectionscreen2.png
After the eight Robot Master have been defeated, the mysterious Doc Men appear.

Mega Man 3 is the first game in the series where there are some stages between the initial Robot Masters and the Skull Fortress. In later NES titles, there will be another fortress before the Skull Fortess.
Megaman3WW selectionscreen3.png
This third "selection" screen prompts to the final stages, but before Mega Man reaches the Skull Fortress there is one short stage against the mysterious Break Man.
Megaman3WW skullfortress.png
The Skull Fortress is made of six stages, as it was in Mega Man 2. These are the longest Skull Fortresses in the series: later games feature four stages only (even less in the Game Boy titles). Actually, Mega Man 3 is the longest game in the classic Mega Man series.

Suggested order[edit]

Unlike most Mega Man video games, in Mega Man 3 there are two separate chains of weaknesses:

  1. Chain A:
    1. Top Man is weak against Hard Man's weapon;
    2. Shadow Man is weak against Top Man's weapon;
    3. Spark Man is weak against Shadow Man's weapon;
    4. Magnet Man is weak against Spark Man's weapon;
    5. Hard Man is weak against Magnet Man's weapon;
  2. Chain B:
    1. Snake Man is weak against Needle Man's weapon;
    2. Gemini Man is weak against Snake Man's weapon;
    3. Needle Man is weak against Gemini Man's weapon.

Also consider this:

  • Top Man and Magnet Man suffer double damage from Mega Man's arm cannon;
  • You want to obtain the Rush Marine (from Shadow Man) before the stage with underwater areas (Gemini Man's);
  • Snake Man's weapon is extremely useful in Top Man's and Shadow Man's stages.
  • Beating Needle Man awards Rush Jet, which is very useful in Spark Man's and Magnet Man's stages. On the other hand, it makes the game less challenging.

Therefore, a possible suggested order is as follows:

Chain Robot Master Boss fight & weapon Items & stage
B1 Snake Man Fight with Mega Buster (N. Cannon)
Obtain Search Snake
A1 Top Man Fight with Mega Buster (H. Knuckle)
Obtain Top Spin
Use Search Snake
A2 Shadow Man Fight with Top Spin
Obtain Shadow Blade
Obtain Rush Marine
A3 Spark Man Fight with Shadow Blade
Obtain Spark Shock
A4 Magnet Man Fight with Spark Shock
Obtain Magnet Missile
A5 Hard Man Fight with Magnet Missile
Obtain Hard Knuckle
B2 Gemini Man Fight with Search Snake
Obtain Gemini Laser
Use Rush Marine
B3 Needle Man Fight with Gemini Laser
Obtain Needle Cannon
Obtain Rush Jet