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The Skull Fortress
Original NES version

Welcome back to Skull Castle!

Starting from now on, the special weapons are not recharged at the beginning of the stages. Save the Shadow Blade (or the Top Spin) for the boss fight. Actually, the boss of this stage is the only boss in the Skull Fortress that is weak against the Shadow Blade. Use the other weapons freely.

Weapons for the bosses Free weapons
Shadow Blade
Hard Knuckle
Search Snake
Top Spin
Magnet Missile
Gemini Laser
Needle Cannon
Spark Shock

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Energy can
Energy can and Hard walls

The first stage of Wily's zone isn't too tough, and is pretty straightforward. When you come to a watery section, use the Rush Marine. It will ease the section considerably. Thick walls that your Arm Cannon shots bounce off of can be destroyed with the Hard Knuckle.

Item list:

  • 2 extra lives
  • 2 Energy cans
  • 4 large W-capsules (one for the Rush Marine, three for any weapon)
  • 5 walls
  • 4 large E-capsules

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Komasaburo - a monkey robot that shoots tops; fight it using the Search Snake.
  • Penpen - a swimming penguin robot; fight it onboard the Rush Marine.
  • Hammer Joe - a green robot that throws hammers; hit it with one Hard Knuckle or two Magnet Missiles when its red eye is open.

Boss: Kamegoro Maker[edit]

The Kamegoro Maker room

At the end, you'll meet up with a Turtle Dispenser boss. You can't destroy the machine, so don't even try. Destroy five turtles using the Shadow Blade, and the machine will self-destruct. Be careful, though: each turtle is faster than the last.

  • Note: "Kame" is Japanese for "turtle", while "Goro" is a Japanese given name; therefore, "Kamegoro" is "Goro the turtle".