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Map of the Skull Fortress
Original NES version

Stage walkthrough[edit]

A very short stage. Grab the power-up items to refill some of your weapon energy. For the coming fight below you'll want Hard Knuckles, or alternatively Spark Shock and Rush Jet. Fall to the room below, and begin to do battle with your arch-nemesis.

Item list:

  • 2 large W-capsules
  • 2 surprise cans

Boss battle[edit]

Phase 1: Wily Machine[edit]

Wily Machine

Dr. Wily comes onto the scene in his Pinbot Machine. The machine walks slowly, and quite honestly, doesn't pose much of a threat. On the bottom of the machine, a dangling cannon can be seen. Shoot Hard Knuckles and move them vertically by pressing Up dpad (or rapidly attack with Spark Shock). You'll win the first part of this fight in no time flat.

Phase 2: Dr. Wily[edit]

Dr. Wily

For phase two, Wily largely continues using the same strategy, but he can now "smash down" with the machine, crushing any would-be attackers. To put Pinbot to sleep, send a few Hard Knuckles into the glass dome holding Wily's control area. To make it easier to hit, just keep your distance, jump and let loose with the Hard Knuckles pressing Up dpad.

Another strategy is to use the Rush Jet and rapidly fire Wily's cockpit with your Arm Cannon.