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Blizzard Man's stage is as cold and snowy as it sounds. So be careful not to accidentally slide to your death.

The level is pretty straightforward, with the main challenge coming from the "underwater boat" section. The tide continually shifts, so you've got to exercise caution. With the spikes, instant death is a reality here. Take your time and don't move on unless you're sure you can do so safely. A big cracked block in this area can be destroyed with Rush Power, allowing you to find a hidden item.

Blizzard Man himself isn't too tough, as you could probably guess the Flame Blast will melt him easily. Just fire with it, dodging his attacks. He attacks with snowflake shots that are tough to dodge, and an attack where he rolls into a ball and tries to tackle you. He's invulnerable in ball form, so just unload on him whenever he's not in that state. It's not too hard to melt ol' frosty.