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Original Japanese screen

Burst stage[edit]

Burst Man's stage is set in a chemistry laboratory: the liquid that looks like water is actually some chemical explosive.


  • Rush "R" plate
  • 1 E-tank
  • 2 spare bodies (1-ups)
  • 2 large Energy capsules
  • 1 large Weapon capsule


MM7 Burst stage01.png When you start the level, head to the right. The platforming section isn't difficult, but you have to watch out for the spikes which will instantly kill you. You will also have to clear out the countdown bombs by pressing on their attached disc.

When you drop down one screen, you can reach the 1-up at the top-left using Rush.
MM7 item Etank1.png After you got the 1-up, jump back to the right and go down the right-hand path to collect an E-tank.

Continue heading down into the liquid. At the liquid surface, there is a platform that leads to a 1-up, but the level continues deeper in the liquid.

MM7 subboss PistolCrab.png Soon you will encounter the mid-stage boss, Pistol Crab (カニガンス kanigunsu?, lit. "crab gun su"). It has a set of three attacks: (1) a three-shot burst, (2) a bubble spray, (3) a ramming attack. When it is destroyed, head quickly to the spot where it fell and collect any capsule it may drop, as a chemical reaction in the liquid will now make Mega Man float up to the surface. Continue right and climb up.
MM7 item Rush-R.png At the top of the ladders, you will encounter a disappearing platform section. At the end, you will drop down to the second liquid section.

Get the Rush R plate on the second liquid section by jumping out of the liquid when it is at the highest point. Proceed all the way to the right, and climb up to reach the boss.

ROBOT MASTER: Burst Man[edit]

Mega Man versus Burst Man.

Weakness: Mega Buster, (Freeze Cracker), (Scorch Wheel)

Burst Man is the best choice as the first enemy to attacks, since he has a "weakness reaction" to the charged Mega Buster.

He doesn't have many attacks that inflict direct damage. His weapons are designed to try to throw you against the spiked ceiling to result in instant death.


  1. 3 Danger Wraps: Burst Man shoots three bubbles encasing a bomb each; the bubbles will float towards Mega Man, the go up to the ceiling; when a bubble touches the spiked ceiling (or if Mega Man pops it), it will drop a time bomb; if Mega Man touches a bubble, he will get captured and forced against the spikes, unless he can destroy the bubble first.
    • Solution: jump over the bubbles when they approach; they don't fly upwards until Mega Man jumps over them, so be patient; if caught inside, fire like crazy, then get out of the way of the other bubbles; the bombs will fall to the ground, so be cautious of them when they are about to explode.
  2. Bubble Wall: Burst Man will extend a bubble blower from his head to send out three yellow bubbles that are both somewhat hard to destroy and which push you backwards against the wall. He then quickly thrusts his arm into the floor, which forces bubbles to form from the floor that try to push you against the ceiling.
    • Solution: simply destroy the bubbles and fall off the sides of any ascending bubbles.
  3. Weakness counterattack: if Burst Man is hit by a fully charged Mega Buster bullet (or a Freeze Cracker or a Scorch Wheel), he will be pushed backwards and drop four yellow bombs.
    • Solution: Stay against the far wall and jump just before the bombs explode.


Mega Buster only

Burst Man should be the first boss you go after, because he is easy. His attacks are slow, and if you stay near the opposite wall, you should be fine. When he uses the three Danger Wrap shots (the bubbles with bombs inside) stay far to the left and jump over all three in the same spot. In other words, go left, jump right over a Danger Wrap, run left, jump right again, and repeat for the third. While you do this, charge your Mega Buster so you can shoot Burst Man once his attack is over. This should knock him backwards and force him to throw time bombs all over. Don't panic! Stand between the bombs if you can, and jump as they explode if you're feeling really unsafe. With this pattern, he many not even use the other bubble-themed attacks he has, but if he does, feel free to charge your Mega Buster again to stop him as noted above.

Exploiting Burst Man's weakness

Use Freeze Crackers to take this guy down easily. When the fight begins jump just a little bit so that the shot will go over his head. One of the pieces will ricochet downwards and hit him, cutting off his attack. Repeat this so that he cannot fire at all.

Special weapon[edit]

When defeated, you will receive the Danger Wrap, which encases enemies and objects in bubbles.