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Regular enemies[edit]

Default sorting is by frequency of appearances. Legend:

  • HP: Hit Points, not "health points", because robots have no health.
  • Main attack (notes): grouped in few sets; "shot" attacks can be blocked by the Proto Shield.
Sprite Name HP Notes Stages
Sniper Joe 4 Main attack: shot 2. Cloud Man
4. Freeze Man
5. Slash Man
6. Spring Man
7. Shade Man
8. Turbo Man
Gabyoall 1 Main attack: touch
Weakness: Danger Wrap
1. Burst Man
3. Junk Man
4. Freeze Man
5. Slash Man
6. Spring Man
Tripropellan 2 Main attack: shot 1. Burst Man
2. Cloud Man
3. Junk Man
6. Spring Man
Petaforth 4 Main attack: touch 1. Burst Man
2. Cloud Man
4. Freeze Man
6. Spring Man
Gobots 1 Main attack: touch 2. Cloud Man
5. Slash Man
8. Turbo Man
Driver Cannon 2 Main attack: shot 1. Burst Man
3. Junk Man
4. Freeze Man
Row Bird 1 Main attack: touch
Original name: Tsuranattori (ツラナットリ Tsuranattori?,
from "tsuranaru"/"standing in a row" and "tori"/"bird")
2. Cloud Man
5. Slash Man
Bunby Tank 4 Main attack: touch 1. Burst Man
2. Cloud Man
Shield Attacker 4 Main attack: touch 4. Freeze Man
7. Shade Man
Frisk Cannon 4 Main attack: throw 3. Junk Man
6. Spring Man
Stage-specific enemies
Goldfishbot 1 Main attack: touch
Original name: Kintot (キントット kintotto?, from "kingyo"/"goldfish").
1. Burst Man
Metall Swim 1 Main attack: shot 1. Burst Man
CFN-24 3 Main attack: touch 1. Burst Man
Froggon 3 Main attack: touch
Original name: Keron (ケローン keron?, from "kero"/"frog").
1. Burst Man
Thunder Infant 2 Main attack: throw
Original name: Kaminari Kogoro (? lit. Thunder Infant).
2. Cloud Man
Pipi Deluxe[1] 2 Main attack: spawn (Pipi Children) 2. Cloud Man
Windstorm 8 Main attack: indirect
Original name: Boufooh (ボーフーウー bofuu?, from "boufuu"/"windstorm")
2. Cloud Man
Metall 1 Main attack: shot 3. Junk Man
Metall Heli 1 Main attack: shot 3. Junk Man
Gocroach Nest 4 Main attack: spawn (Gocroaches) 3. Junk Man
Dust Clasher 8 Main attack: touch 3. Junk Man
Icicle Teck 2 Main attack: throw 4. Freeze Man
Bomb Sleigh 3 Main attack: throw 4. Freeze Man
White Bear Machine 32 Main attack: throw
Original name: Shirokumachine (シロクマシーン shirokumachine?,
from "shiro"/"white", "kuma"/"bear" and "machine")
4. Freeze Man
Eggodon 2 Main attack: touch
Original name: Tamagodon (タマゴドン tamagodon?, from "tamago"/"egg").
5. Slash Man
Delusu Hive 16 Main attack: spawn (Delusu Bees)
Weakness: Scorch Wheel
5. Slash Man
Stegorus 24 Main attack: throw 5. Slash Man
Coilun 3 Main attack: touch 6. Spring Man
Tom Daddy 5 Main attack: touch 6. Spring Man
Astro Zombieg 2 Main attack: touch 7. Shade Man
Batton 2 Main attack: touch 7. Shade Man
Gilliam Knight 2 Main attack: touch
It has 24 HP in wolf form.
7. Shade Man
Ragger 4 Main attack: throw 7. Shade Man
Cyorown 8 Main attack: shot 7. Shade Man
Turbo Roader 2 Main attack: touch 8. Turbo Man
Baccone 3 Main attack: shot 8. Turbo Man
Trio the Wheel 8 Main attack: throw 8. Turbo Man
  1. Deluxe is French for "luxury"; its correct pronounciation is "dae-loux".


These enemies cannot be defeated, and their attacks have to be dodged.

Sprite Name Notes Stages
Count Bomb Ride them, jump when they explode. Burst Man
Properide Ride them over pitfalls and Dust Clashers. Junk Man
Tel Tel Hit them with most weapons, and they will create heavy rain that reduces visibility.
Hit the two of them with the Freeze Cracker and they will create a snowfall that opens a secret area.
Cloud Man
Technodon Ride them over fields of deadly spikes. Slash Man


These enemies cannot be dodged, and they have to be defeated.

Sprite Name HP Notes Stages
MM7 subboss MadGrinder.png Mad Grinder 16 Introduction stage
MM7 subboss PistolCrab.png Pistol Crab 64 Original name: Kanigance (lit. "crab gun-su"?). Burst Man
MM7 subboss KingGodzullus.png King Godzullus 34 Weakness: Junk Shield Slash Man
MM7 subboss VanPookin.png Van Pookin 16 Weakness: Thunder Bolt
It has two weak spots: the inner pumpkin, or the eyes of the outer pumpkin; depending on which one you destroy, a different path will open.
Shade Man
MM7 subboss TruckJoe.png Truck Joe 16 Weakness: Noise Crush Turbo Man
MM7 subboss SisiTruck.png Sisi Truck 24 Weakness: Thunder Bolt Turbo Man
MM7 item ProtoShield.png Proto Man 30 Weakness: Mega Buster
Optional sub-boss.
If defeated, he will give his Shield to Mega Man.
Original name: Blues.
Shade Man


Robot Masters[edit]

As in every Mega Man game since Mega Man 2, the eight Robot Masters were selected from the designs sent to Capcom from the fans of the series.

In the serial numbers, "DW" stands for "Dr. Wily".

Freeze Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner49 FreezeMan.png
  • Serial: DW No. 49
  • Character designer: Shigeaki Shimoto

Freeze Man used to be a prototype of a robot that runs on green energy. He is able to split normal room temperature into high and low temperatures, the former is used to power his body while the latter is used as his weapon, the Freeze Cracker.

Freeze Man can be disrupted with orbiting junk, but this weakness does not affect him as badly as other robot masters.

Junk Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner50 JunkMan.png
  • Serial: DW No.50
  • Character designer: Jun Akiba

Junk Man was created by Dr. Wily out of used robot parts to help him search for parts that can be used for robot masters, but was turned into a robot master himself after Dr. Wily noted his strength and resilience.

He can generate electromagnetic forces that let him manipulate junk metal, using it for his attacks. A powerful jolt of electricity can disturb the electromagnetism that holds his body together, causing him to fall apart temporarily.

Burst Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner51 BurstMan.png
  • Serial: DW No.51
  • Character designer: Keishi Tsuchiya

Burst Man was created to guard a chemical plant, but was stolen and modified for combat by Dr. Wily.

He stores explosives and soapy liquids inside his body which are used for generating bubbles, as well as creating his Danger Wrap, a bomb wrapped inside a strong bubble. The liquids in his body make him vulnerable to sudden changes in temperature, forcing him to expel several explosives.

Cloud Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner52 CloudMan.png
  • Serial: DW No.52
  • Character designer: Isao Nakagiri

Cloud Man was originally a weather control robot before he was stolen by Dr. Wily to have his control over lightning amplified.

He has no legs, instead he hovers above the ground using an anti-gravitational device. He can charge himself up with lightning to render him invincible to all attacks, then direct it onto the ground. He can also stir up strong winds and heavy rainfall. Cloud Man has great difficulty getting out of bubbles, and can only wait helplessly if he is encased by Danger Wrap.

Spring Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner53 SpringMan.png
  • Serial: DW No.53
  • Character designer: Akira Ito

Spring Man was created by Dr. Wily and possesses thousands of springs in his body.

His springs enable him to jump to great heights, extend his punches and generate spike-tipped springs called Wild Coils. If the springs in his body are electrified, he turns into a powerful electromagnet that attracts other robots. Spring Man is weak to sharp weapons as they can cut the springs inside his body.

Slash Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner54 SlashMan.png
  • Serial: DW No.54
  • Character designer: Yoichi Amano

Slash Man was created by Dr. Wily to clear forests for his secret bases.

He possesses great speed and agility. He has a portable version of an asteroid-destroying device called the Slash Claw, as well as a storage of red adhesive bombs. Slash Man is vulnerable to rapid changes in temperature, as low temperatures causes him to hibernate while high temperatures causes him to dehydrate.

Shade Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner55 ShadeMan.png
  • Serial: DW No.55
  • Character designer: Tetsuya Watada

Shade Man was originally an attraction in an amusement park, but was modified by Dr. Wily with sound equipment used for mind control.

A defect in the equipment lets him create powerful sound waves in the form of Noise Crush, which can bounce of walls and grow in power. He can even absorb sound waves from other sources to create stronger Noise Crushes. Like a traditional vampire, he can suck energy out of robots. His weakness is Wild Coil, which can knock him out of a fight.

Turbo Man[edit]

MM7 CharacterDesigner56 TurboMan.png
  • Serial: DW No.56
  • Character designer: Takashi Kino

Turbo Man was created by Dr. Wily using parts from his old car.

He is able to transform between a robot master and a racing car, but the transformation is imperfect. He can also generate Scorch Wheels using the petrol he runs on. Strong bursts of electricity can render him invincible, but powerful soundwaves may disrupt his transformation system.

Skull Fortress bosses[edit]

MM7 boss01 Mash.png Mash
Weakness: Danger Wrap
MM7 boss00 Bass.png MM7 boss02a Bass.png Bass
Weakness: Super Rush Adaptor
MM7 boss03a BassTreble.png Bass & Treble
Weakness: Super Rush Adaptor
Skull Fortress stage bosses
MM7 boss02b GutsMan.png Guts Man v.2
Weakness: Slash Claw
MM7 boss03b Turtlerizer.png Turtlerizer
Weakness: Wild Coil, Danger Wrap
MM7 boss04 WiseNed.png Wise NED²
Weakness: Slash Claw, (charged Noise Crush)
MM7 boss05 Wily1.png MM7 boss05 Wily2.png Dr. Wily
Wily Machine weakness: Thunder Bolt
Wily Capsule weakness: Wild Coil
(charge it up and press Up Dpad)