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Items dropped by enemies[edit]

  • E-capsules
  • W-capsules
  • Bolts
  • 1-ups

Auto's shop[edit]

Items available since the beginning of the game.
Auto's shop after Mega Man found the Hyperbolt.

Press Select Button on the stage selection screen, and you will access Auto's shop.

There is little need to buy any items, except for W-cans. The rest of the items can be found for free in stages.

Item Price
Free location Effect
1-Up 40 20 (Many stages) extra life
E-can 60 30 (Many stages) Completely refills Mega man's energy
W-can 100 50 Wily stages 3-4 Completely refills all weapons energies
Exit unit 200 100 Freeze stage Allows to exit from a previously cleared stage
Beat's whistle 80 40 Slash stage Beat saves you from a pitfall
Hyperbolt items
S-can - 80 Wily stage 3 Completely refills all Mega Man's and all weapons energies
Rush Jet - 120 Junk stage Allows to fly forward
Rush Search - 120 Freeze stage Digs for hidden items
Energy Balancer - 240 Shade stage Allows to restore weapon energy to unequipped weapons
Hyper Rush Punch - 800 Turbo stage Upgrades the Super/Hyper[1] Rush Adaptor.
  1. Hyper and Super are alternate spellings of the same word in Greek and Latin, respectively.
Item locations gallery
E-tanks location gallery

Rare items[edit]

These items cannot be purchased in Auto's shop:

  • Rush's R-U-S-H plates
  • Auto's Hyperbolt
  • Beat
  • Proto Man's Shield

Rush Search spots[edit]

Use Rush Search in nine locations to find rare items:

  • Cloud Man: Mega-Bolt
  • Junk Man: Mega-Bolt
  • Freeze Man: Exit Unit
  • Spring Man: Mega-Capsule, Mega-Bolt
  • Shade Man: Energy Balancer, Mega-Bolt
  • Turbo Man: Homing Rush Punch, Mega-Bolt

Each Mega-Bolt is worth 100 Bolts. The Mega-Capsule simply refills all of Mega Man's life energy.

Items per stage[edit]

Stage Cans Items to find Rush Search Proto Man
Burst Man E-can 1 Rush "R" plate - -
Cloud Man - Rush "U" plate Mega Bolt Proto Man (1)
Junk Man - Rush "S" plate, Rush Jet Mega Bolt -
Freeze Man E-can 2 Rush "H" plate Rush Search, Exit Unit -
Slash Man E-can 3 Beat - -
Spring Man E-can 4 Auto's Hyper Bolt Mega Capsule, Mega Bolt -
Shade Man - - Energy Balancer, Mega Bolt Proto Shield (3)
Turbo Man E-can 5 - Homing Rush Punch, Mega Bolt Proto Man (2)
Wily Castle
Wily Castle 1 E-can 6 - - -
Wily Castle 2 - - - -
Wily Castle 3 E-cans 7+8, W-can 1 S-can - -
Wily Castle 4 W-can 2 - - -