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Original title screen

Junk Man appears on the right of the stage selection screen. The stage is known for cockroach-like enemies that are difficult to hit with uncharged Mega Buster. It is recommended to play this stage after defeating Cloud Man.



  • Rush Jet (need Thunder Bolt)
  • 1 large bolt
  • 1 large E-capsule
  • 1 large W-capsule

Items collectible on a later visit:

  • Rush "S" plate (need Freeze Cracker)
  • Mega Bolt 2 (need Freeze Cracker and Rush Search)


The electric generator will power these elevators.
Rush Jet

The start of the stage has nothing too special. Travel forward, destroying or avoiding enemies until you reach the elevator. In this first elevator, Mega Man will be attacked from above, but the enemy shots are easy to dodge. Once the elevator stops, you can continue right until you reach a ladder, which you can climb.

After climbing up, you should reach a second elevator section. If Mega Man has Thunder Bolt, he can use it to power up the elevators. This allows a faster trip upward, but carries a risk of bumping into the ceiling (identified by an energy pickup becoming visible on the right). Once Mega Man climbs to the next floor, he can use Rush Coil to jump to the out-of-reach ladder and collect Rush Jet.

After the elevators, you will enter a scrap heap. There is another generator that Mega Man can hit with Thunder Bolt to activate chains carrying junk pieces.

The next scrap heap section is more difficult, but if Mega Man obtained the Rush Jet, he can fly through the area with limited difficulty.

Robot Master: Junk Man[edit]

Junk Man

Junk Man has a standard pattern:

  • A jump, which stuns Mega Man if he is on the ground.
  • The shock causes debris to fall from the ceiling.
  • The debris are attracted into one large glob, which is then pushed towards Mega Man; Junk Man is invulnerable when creating the large cube.
  • Junk Man leaps to the ceiling, then lands on the pile, crushing it.
  • He creates a shield from that debris; it is then fired to paralyze Mega man.
  • Junk Man jumps back and fourth across the arena, and occasionally throws debris during a jump.

Junk Man is weak against the Thunder Bolt available from Cloud Man. After Mega Man hits him with it, he will jump across and shoot a projectile downward, which is dodged by a simple slide. Once he lands, Mega Man can hit him again and eliminate him.

  1. Stomp: immobilizes Mega Man (if touching the ground) and causes multiple blocks of 'junk' to fall from the ceiling.
    • Solution: jump just before he stomps to avoid immobilization, then dodge the blocks that fall.
  2. Junk Cube: magnetizes his fist (charges) until it is covered with a huge block of junk; he then sends it sliding towards Mega Man; Junk Man then launches himself through the ceiling to land on top of the cube, absorbing it into a Junk Shield.
    • Solution: jump and move to the other side when the cube slides towards you.
  3. Junk Beam: after gaining his Junk Shield (after landing on the Junk Cube) he will jump on Mega Man's current position and then fire the remaining part of the shield at him; if hit, Mega Man will be trapped within a Junk Shield, unable to do anything; Junk Man will proceed in jumping on Mega Man.
    • Solution: slide under the initial jump, then jump towards Junk Man after he fires the beam.
  4. Junk Throw: after using Junk Beam, Junk Man will jump from one side of the room to the other; halfway across he will throw a block of junk at Mega Man's current position.
    • Solution: stay in the middle, and then slide in the opposite direction of the way he is jumping.

Detailed strategy[edit]

Weakness strategy

Use Thunder Bolts to send Junk Man into an infinite cycle of easy to dodge moves. He will use his Junk Throw every time, and it's only a single shot, so it's easy to dodge. Blast him every time he lands. If Mega Man doesn't have Thunder Bolts, just blast him when you can with the Mega Buster and dodge the attacks listed below.

Mega Buster strategy

A lack of Thunder Bolt makes for a worthy opponent in Junk Man, if you don't know what's coming. If you follow the strategies below for dealing with his attacks, though, you have nothing to worry about. Junk Man's attacks come out slow, so you can tell what he's going to do next very easily. He moves fastest when he's jumping, but it's still easy to tell what's going on. If he jumps straight up, he's stomping or landing on his Junk Cube. If he leaps in an arc across the room, be ready to dodge a Junk Throw.

Re-visiting the stage[edit]

Rush S plate: Freeze Cracker required
Mega Bolt: Rush Search (found in Freeze Man's stage) and Freeze Cracker required