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Museum showcases[edit]

This stage is empty, except for the boss. Walk through the museum and admire some of your past 8-bit opponents, now in the glory of Super 16-bit graphics.

Snake Man (MM3), Blizzard Man (MM6)
Background: Plant Man (MM6), Flame Man (MM6)
Pharaoh Man (MM4), Heat Man(MM2)

Boss: Mash[edit]

Background: Skull Man (MM4), Ring Man (MM5)
Weakness Strategy

The weapon that deals him most damage is the Danger Wrap.

I recommend just standing in the left corner and firing whatever you like. When you hit his head, it will pop off, making it easier to hit. The best time to hit the Jester's head is right before he jumps. As he lands from a jump, his head spins and he quickly stops it with his hands, which will probably block your shot. However, he will move his hands in preparation for a jump, so peg his head then to knock it off. From there, hit it with the Danger Wrap to deal the most damage. His head rests low on the ground, so the aforementioned weapon is your best shot at hitting it. When his head is attached, he'll try to jump on you, but without his head, he'll leap a small but pre-determined distance around the arena until he's next to his head, which he'll then reattach.

  1. Hop: Jumps in small arcs, not rapidly.
    • Solution: Slide underneath.
  2. Headache: After getting hit in the head, it will pop off, bouncing around a bit until it comes to a stand still. When it's not moving, it can still hurt you.
    • Solution: Stay away and you won't get hurt.