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Original title screen


  • E-tank 3
  • Beat (need Scorch Wheel)

Stage walkthrough[edit]

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King Godzullus
Beat (Scorch Wheel required)

Boss: Slash Man[edit]

MM7 DWno54 SlashMan.png
Freeze Cracker strategy

Hit him when you can and dodge the goo filled eggs. The best way to shoot using Freeze Crackers is in the air, because it will either hit him in the air or break into parts and hit him below. Standing on the ground might make you miss because he jumps randomly (sometimes the smaller parts can hit him). Also, Freeze Crackers cause him to slide and bounce off the walls so if you hit him and you are near a wall, he might bounce back and hit you. Continue the cycle to win.

Scorch Wheel strategy

The best time to hit him is when he is jumping at you, or standing still. Right before he jumps at you, you can use the shield to hit him no matter what. When standing still you have to worry about timing and what direction you are running. After you hit him, he will jump into the ceiling and drop eggs containing red goo. If you get covered or stuck in the goo on the floor you won't be able to attack, so try moving back and forth to break free (not sure if it works). When you have a chance, hit him again and continue the cycle.

The difference between these two weapons is that the Freeze Crackers can hit him if you miss and the Scorch Wheels can act as a shield if immediately summoned when being pounced on.

Mega Buster Strategy

Lacking the weapons he's weak to makes for a rather steep handicap against you in this battle, but you can come out on top if you remember his pattern. He'll leap around the room to get you in range of his claws, which he'll swipe three times before leaping off the top of the screen. A rain of eggs follows, then Slash Man slides down a wall, and usually leaps at you (sometimes he just comes off the wall without trying his leap attack). From here, the pattern begins again with Slash Man leaping and clawing once more. If an egg hits you and disables your jump and attack buttons, nothing will get that off except when Slash Man hits you. Also, the eggs fall randomly from the ceiling, never following a pattern of their own. This makes the egg drop attack Slash Man's most effective trick.

  1. Slash: Will try to pounce on you and then attack with his claws.
    • Solution: Run or use a Freeze Cracker/Scorch Wheel to end his attack.
  2. Egg Drop: Will disappear into the ceiling (becoming invincible). Eggs will begin to drop, containing a red goo that can either cover you (disabling jump/slide/shots) or stick you to the ground (disabling all movement/weapons). After four or five fall, he will return on one side of the room. He will be glowing red, and after a few seconds he will either spring towards your current position or fall to the ground and begin his Slash attacks.
    • Solution: Dodge the eggs, try sliding out of the way (but not into any goo on the ground). If free, stay close to him when he is glowing red, then move quickly before he charges, hopefully you get away unscathed. If try to break free or run in one direction, also pray.
  3. Weakness reaction: Ice Slide: If frozen, will slide on the ground for a few seconds. In this state he can still harm you if touched.
    • Solution: Dodge if close, otherwise no worries. If you hit him with a richochet and he is in mid air, DO NOT JUMP IF CLOSE, he will move horizontally before falling.