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Original title screen


  • Mega Energy Capsule (need Rush Search)
  • Mega Bolt (need Rush Search)
  • E-tank 4
  • Auto's Hyper Bolt

Stage walkthrough[edit]

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Mega Bolt

Robot Master: Spring Man[edit]

MM7 DWno53 SpringMan.png
Weakness strategy

Attack with Slash Claw and you will put him into an infinite loop of the attack in which he jumps, spins his arms, and then tries to punch you at your current location (very easy to dodge by running/sliding).

Mega Buster strategy

If you plan on fighting Spring Man without the Slash Claw, you won't have many problems. Spring Man is slow and you can dodge his attacks fairly easily. He jumps around the arena a few times before using his punching attack, then he uses his Wild Coil and continues to jump before using the punches again. Slide around the arena as he jumps, it's faster than walking and the margin of error becomes larger. Shoot his Wild Coil springs as he uses them, so they won't cause you a problem as you try to dodge Spring Man himself.

  1. Stretch punch: Hovers in air, throws punches easy to dodge.
    • Solution: Just run or slide to get away. Fire when he lands.
  2. Wild Coil: Fires two bouncing springs in both directions.
    • Solution: Destroy the springs with your Buster, otherwise you will take damage when trying to dodge.
  3. Pile Drive (grab): If close, he will grab Mega Man and pile drive into the ceiling.
    • Solution: Stay far away unless using Slash Claws.
  4. Solenoid (spiral electromagnet): If shot with Thunder Bolt, creates a magnet-like effect dragging you towards him. If too close, he will grab Mega Man and pile drive once again.
    • Solution: Don't shoot with Thunder Bolt! Also slide away from him towards the walls.