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Original title screen


  • Super Rush Punch (need Rush Search)
  • Mega Bolt 5 (need Rush Search)
  • Proto Man, 2nd meeting (needed to get the Proto Shield later)
  • E-tank 5

Stage walkthrough[edit]

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1. Truck Joe sub-boss (weak against Noise Crush)
2. Rush Punch
3. Mega Bolt
4. E-tank
5. Sisi Truck sub-boss (weak against Thunder Bolt)

Robot Master: Turbo Man[edit]

MM7 DWno56 TurboMan.png
Weakness strategy

Basically just power your Noise Crush and wait for an open shot. Dodge him as best you can and he will be a cinch. If you can hit him with Noise Crush, it will send him into an infinite loop of Collision Courses, so take advantage of his programmed stupidity.

If you hit him with a Thunder Bolt, be prepared to dodge because he will unleash his "Ultimate Collision Course". It's actually not that special, giving him temporary invulnerability and otherwise no special attacks.

Mega Buster strategy

Even without the Noise Crush, Turbo Man is one of those bosses that falls into a predictable pattern. He fires his Scorch Wheel, sucks you in, transforms into a car to ram you three times, then repeats. The Scorch Wheel is easy to dodge; stay near the wall opposite him, slide toward him when he fires, then slide back the other way when the Wheel breaks on the ceiling. The Scorch Wheel should land near the wall, go up the ceiling, and leave its fire right next to Turbo Man. When he sucks you in, just shooting him should end that attack; Turbo Man will flinch and fly backwards and immediately try his car-ramming attack. Listen for when he guns the engine, because that is your cue to jump. He'll spin his tires for a variable length of time (the only thing he mixes up in his strategy, really), then rev the engine and drive at you. Just remember his pattern and you'll be fine.

  1. Scorch Wheel: Summons a fire shield around him, leaps into the air and fires it at your current position (without hesitation). It then bursts into four or five smaller flames.
    • Solution: Right when he hits the point where he fires the wheel, dodge towards him. I recommend staying at the corner of the room, because if you dodge towards him you will go right underneath. Otherwise, stay close, then run away and leap over it when it chases you down. When it breaks, look for a gap between the flames.
  2. Turbo Suck: Turbo Man has a spasm and begins to suck you towards him (for no physically apparent reason).
    • Solution: Run/slide the opposite way.
  3. Transformer: Turbo Man transforms into a vehicle, charges up his engine and then charges at Mega Man.
    • Solution: Jump towards him just as he begins to move.
  4. Upgraded transformer: If hit with a Thunder Bolt, he will immediately do this. Exactly like the Collision Course, Turbo Man will charge up right before and will begin to glow. Basically he is now invincible for a short time. Way to go!
    • Solution: Don't shoot with Thunder Bolts! Jump towards him just as he begins to move.