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MM7 SkullFortress.png

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Stage part 1[edit]

Sub-boss: Bass[edit]

MM7 boss02a Bass.png
Weakness Strategy

Transform using the Super Adapter, then take Bass out with powered up punches. Each shot will hit him, and they are superior to his weaponry. Dodge in between shots, and when he charges, make sure you jump. You can usually avoid all shots by using the jet pack. If you don't have the Super Adapter, use Danger Wrap when he gets close or is on the left side of the little pit (and you are close) or use charged Mega Buster shots.

  1. Bass Buster: Fires a blue laser, much like one of your Mega Buster shots.
    • Solution: Jump or hide in the little pit on the left side; if bass is on the right platform and he shoots, he can't hit you.
  2. Charged Bass Buster: Charges up his shot and releases one that rivals Mega Man's.
    • Solution: Jump, do not hide. It's larger than the Bass Buster and thus you cannot stay in the little pit. It's easy to see anyway.

Stage part 2[edit]

Boss: Guts Man v.2[edit]

MM7 boss02b GutsMan.png
Weakness strategy

Guts Man is weak against the Slash Claw. Blast the Slash Claw (or Noise Crush) at the rock that falls when he performs "Land Slide", it will knock it into him and damage him immensely. Make sure you hit it after it has hit the ground at least once (it bounces). The problem is that you will cause him to use Homing Land Slide, which is just like Land Slide but instead of dropping the rock in front of him, he will target your current position and it will drop wherever you are. Slide out of the way just before it falls. I also recommend using Slash on him as much as possible.

Alternate strategy

If you have the Super Adapter, use it. You can dodge his Land Slide attacks and his charge easily, plus it does more damage than other weapons and it is easy to aim (make sure you are close and above when you release the arm otherwise it will bounce off him). His weakness is the top of his helmet.

  1. Land Slide: The ceiling rumbles and dirt starts falling. A large chunk of rock falls from the ceiling and then he pushes it at you.
    • Solution: Using Slash Claw, destroy the block when it comes at Mega Man.
  2. Homing Land Slide: Same as normal Land Slide, but he drops the rock on your current position. Most likely he will do this if you hit him with his own rock.
    • Solution: Using Slash Claw, push the block against Guts Man.
  3. Charge: Zooms across the screen, grabs you with his huge clamp, then throws you into the ceiling.
    • Solution: Using Super Adapter, jump. Otherwise too bad, you will take damage but to minimize it, just jump so that he rams you with his head.