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MM7 SkullFortress.png

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Item checklist[edit]

  • E-tank 6
  • S-tank
  • W-tank 1

Optional boss: Pistol Crab[edit]

If you face this, it means you missed the free S-Tank and the free W-Tank.

Weakness Strategy

You can either use the normal Buster shots to bring him down rather quickly, or you can reduce his healthy much faster by using Slash Claw, each hit is equivalent to about 10 buster shots.

  1. Bubble Barrage: Fires 3 bubbles that rise to the ceiling, if they pop, the split into two smaller bubbles.
    • Solution: Blast them, and stay against the left wall, do not move. Take this time to damage the crab.
  2. Triple shot: Fires 3 energy blasts, depending on your position, it will either shoot straight or at an angle if you jump or are in the air within a close proximity of its possible shot.
    • Solution: Jump forward when the first shot comes, don't get too close to the crab or its 3rd shot will hit you when it shoots at an angle.
  3. Ram: Uses its jets to smash into the left wall, it then pauses, and then returns to its original spot.
    • Solution: Jump over it to the right, then back to the left when it moves again.

NOTE: Do not jump after you defeat it, or else you will fly up through the water much faster than normal. This can be dangerous if you don't know where the spikes are.

Boss: Wise NED²[edit]

MM7 boss04 WiseNed.png
Weakness strategy

Before entering the boss room, select the Noise Crush and charge it up. It's the weapon that deals the most damage, but you cannot charge it inside the boss room. In other words, you can only shoot it twice.

Note that in this battle, the screen is constantly scrolling to the right. Some of the boss's attacks are harder to dodge because of this. This guy's hot spot are his eyes, so aim for that area.

Select the Rush Jet, ride it and turn backwards to slow it down. You can then easily hit Wise NED² in the eyes.

When the Rush Jet energy is over, you can shoot his eyes with the Slash Claw. You can hit him when he reaches the lowest point in his hover. You can also climb on the missiles he shoots to get some extra leverage. Speaking of missiles, his pattern is to fire 3 to 5 missiles, fire an eye-laser, swoop right and shoot shoulder-bombs while moving left, then it's back to the missiles again. Stay close to him during the missiles and the bombs, especially if you're using the Slash Claw. Don't stay close during the laser, though, keep running to the right, sliding if you need the extra speed. In the end, using the Slash Claw speeds this battle up so much that he'll probably die before you do.

  1. Missile Barrage: Releases a few missiles, easy to dodge and you can even stand on them. Watch out for high flying missiles, some are too high to jump on.
    • Solution: Jump on top of them, shoot them, or duck underneath (only the high ones).
  2. Laser Beam: Charges a laser, it then tilts it which reaches almost to the other side of the screen. After it shoots forward once, it will come back for a brief moment and go out again.
    • Solution: Stay against the right side of the screen, sliding to stay away from the laser.
  3. Double Bomb: The two large circles on its sides open and it fires two bombs sequentially.
    • Solution: Stay in between or destroy them by shooting them.