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Sprite Name HP Notes Stage
MM8 enemy Ammoner.png Ammoner 2
MM8 enemy Batton.png Batton 1
MM8 enemy Batton.png MM8 enemy BattonPetit.png Batton Mommy
& Petit Batton
MM8 enemy BattonSuccub.png Batton: Succubatton 1
MM8 enemy BunbyTank.png Bunby Tank 4
MM8 enemy Cline.png Cline 9
MM8 enemy Crunchran.png Crunchran 1
MM8 enemy DodonpaAloha.png Dodonpa Aloha 3
MM8 enemy DodonpaCannon.png Dodonpa Cannon 3
MM8 enemy Gabyoall.png Gabyoall 1 Weakness: Ice Wave
MM8 enemy GoriBlue.png GoriBlue 6
MM8 enemy GoriGreen.png GoriGreen 6
MM8 enemy GoriGrey.png GoriGrey 6
MM8 enemy GrasshopperCarrier.png Grasshopper Carrier 2
MM8 enemy HunterWhale.png Hunter Whale 10
MM8 enemy KaoDeKahna.png Kao de Kahna 2
MM8 enemy KaoDeGahna.png Kao de Gahna 6
MM8 enemy Metall.png Metall 1
MM8 enemy MetallFire.png Metall Fire 3
MM8 enemy Metrenger.png Metrenger 1
MM8 enemy Monopellan.png Monopellan 2
MM8 enemy Penpen.png Penpen 4
MM8 enemy Pirate.png Pirate 2
MM8 enemy Potom.png Potom 3
MM8 enemy Rabbiton.png Rabbiton 3
MM8 enemy Rompers.png Rompers 1
MM8 enemy RompersBalloon.png Rompers Balloon 5
MM8 enemy Shellun.png Shellun 4
MM8 enemy Shupponpon.png Shupponpon 1 Weakness: Flame Sword
MM8 enemy Shururun.png Shururun 1
MM8 enemy SmokeSpreader.png Smoke Spreader 2
MM8 enemy SniperJoe.png Sniper Joe 5
MM8 enemy SourCuttlesquid.png Sour Cuttlesquid 3
MM8 enemy SwarmingBird.png Swarming Bird 1
MM8 enemy Sydecka.png Sydecka 12
MM8 enemy Telly.png Telly 1
MM8 enemy TellyBig.png Telly: Big T. 4
MM8 enemy Tencrow.png Tencrow 1
MM8 enemy BrambleWall.png Wall of Brambles 1 Weakness: Flame Sword
MM8 enemy Wallteck.png Wallteck 3
MM8 enemy WiseAttacker.png Wise Attacker 3


These enemies cannot be destroyed, and their attacks have to be dodged.

Sprite Name Notes Stage
MM8 enemy CountBomb1-2.png Count Bomb 1-2
MM8 enemy CountBomb3.png Count Bomb 3
MM8 enemy KaoDeMehda.png Kao de Mehda


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These enemies cannot be dodged, and they have to be destroyed.


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Robot Masters[edit]

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