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Item Price Type Description
Exit 4 Exit Allows to exit anytime from any completed stage
Laser Shot 5 Mega Buster Charged Mega Buster turns into piercing laser
Arrow Shot 5 Mega Buster Charged Mega Buster turns into spreading arrow
Auto Shoot 5 Mega Buster Charged Mega Buster replaced by rapid fire
Boost Part 5 Mega Buster Mega Buster shots travel faster
Shooting Part 6 Mega Buster Mega Buster can have 5 shots on screen instead of 3
High Speed Charge 7 Mega Buster Mega Buster charges faster
Rapid Part 6 Mega Buster Mega Buster fires all 3 (or 5) shots when button is pressed
Super Recover 5 Energy Doubles effect of energy and weapon energy refills
Energy Balancer 5 Energy Refills weapons even when they are not equipped
Energy Saver 6 Energy Weapons require 30% less energy
Exchanger 4 Energy When Mega Man has full health, life energy capsules are turned into weapon energy
Power Shield 6 Dexterity Mega Man does not recoil when hit
Step Booster 5 Dexterity Mega Man climbs stepladders faster
Hyper Slider 5 Dexterity Mega Man slides longer and faster
Spare Extra 6 Extra Life Mega Man starts with 4 lives instead of 2
Spare Charger 4 Extra Life Mega Man extra lives are refilled to 2 (or 4) at the end of every stage

Suggested combinations[edit]

  • Exit part

This item is absolutely necessary to save lots of time when re-visiting previously cleared stages looking for missing bolts.

  • Auto Shoot + Boost Part + Shooting Part + High Speed Charge (23 bolts)

These four items combined allow a continuous shower of bullets. Just hold the fire button down, and navigate any stage.

  • Super Recover + Energy Balancer + Energy Saver + Exchanger (20 bolts)

With these four items equipped the player will be able to play the game using almost exclusively the special weapons.

  • Spare Extra + Spare Charger

These two items have some use only if equipped at the same time.

Parts strategy[edit]

There are only 40 bolts in the game, but three save states. In order to enjoy all the parts, you can play through the game following three different strategies. The following is just a suggestion:

  1. Exit part and all Mega Buster parts, except Laser or Arrow shots (38 bolts): play using mostly the Mega Buster.
  2. Exit part and all Energy & Dexterity parts (40 bolts): play using mostly the Special Weapons.
  3. Exit part, both Extra-Life parts and either Laser or Arrow shot (19 bolts): play using less parts, but you have many more extra lives.