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Galaxy Man is the ideal place to start your quest through the world of Mega Man 9. The level isn't too challenging, and it makes for a good introduction to the game play.

Galaxy Man's stage is pretty straightforward, and there are only a few warnings the player needs to be aware of during the experience.

The biggest threat first-time players will face are robots similar to Bladers from the original Mega Man.... but far more dangerous. They fall from the ceiling, latch onto our hero, and drag him indefinitely, all too often to a spiky death. To avoid ending up in their clutches, use caution as you walk through the stage. If you just run freely through, at full speed, you WILL get caught. So don't always run. Take your time when moving through an unfamiliar area. By learning where they fall from, you can easily exploit them into falling without posing a threat to you.

Teleporters are another unique little addition to the series that you'll first encounter in this level. When you jump into one, you'll be shot vertically into the air out of another one. Each teleporter is connected to exactly one other teleporter. Use trial and error to see which ones lead where, so that you can progress through the level. It's not too tough to figure these sections out.

Devil Blobs also make their first appearance here. These hovering cycloptic blobs come in orange and green, and when you hit them, they split into multiple smaller blobs. You're best off avoiding them and NOT shooting them, when you can help it. But if you must, keep your distance so they won't split right into your face and cause damage.

Boss fight[edit]

Galaxy Man has two attack patterns, quite easy to follow.

  • Black Hole Bomb: He will fly up to the top of the room and drop a mini Black Hole Bomb that follows you. Move to either side and after it has reached about mid height start running to the center. When the bomb "explodes" it will start pulling you back towards it. Keep running away from it. Galaxy Man will appear underneath the black hole for a short period of time. Turn backwards and shoot him very quickly and start running away again. You can get 2-3 hits on him.
  • Galaxy Rush: Galaxy Man will float towards you and move up when he reaches your side, similar to Tomahawk Man's attack. Just jump over him when he is at the middle of the stage and you will almost always clear the jump. He might do this two to three times in succession before he does the Black Hole Bomb attack. You can make a shot when he is running towards you and after you have jumped over him.
  • Weapon obtained: Black Hole Bomb
    • A controllable black hole that you can move wherever. To activate it, press the fire button and a black hole will form and suck in any enemies close enough to it and destroys them, similar to the Gravity Well in Mega Man X3