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It wouldn't be a Mega Man game without some type of "factory" level. Mega Man 9 gives us one in the form of Plug Man's domain.

Ahh, the infamous "appearing and disappearing" blocks appear here. Again, something a Mega Man game wouldn't be complete without. Exercise extreme caution in these sections, as most of them are above spikes and/or bottomless pits. You probably don't have the Rush Jet yet (you'll get it by beating five robot masters), so you won't have the luxury of using it to ease your pain. Trial and error is the name of the game in these block sections.

Static screens appear in the level, and walking past one will cause a shadowy clone of Mega Man to emerge and attack. You're best off running away in an effort to avoid these guys. While not too powerful, taking them down can be a pain.

Plug Man is a frustrating Robot Master due to the shape of his arena and unpredictable, fast-paced attack style. He hops around, raining hard-to-dodge balls of electricity. As soon as you enter the arena, don the Jewel Satellite. It will deflect his balls, and it's his weakness, so be sure you hit him with it. Don't miss though, or you could run out of it before he bites the dust. Just stay on the move and let him have it with the Jewel Satellite.

Victory scores you Plug Ball, a rapid-traveling ground-based attack. Very useful for cheesing some enemies to death, including certain minibosses.