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Main courses[edit]

Sorted here by difficulty level in Grand Prix mode:

  1. Roll's Street course
  2. Gutsman's Mountain course
  3. Shadowman's Crystal course
  4. Protoman's Sunset course
  5. Springman's Toy Factory course
  6. Iceman's South Pole course
  7. Quickman's Ridge course
  8. Napalmman's Arms Factory course
  9. Megaman's City course

In Grand Prix mode, the course associated with your own racer won't be available: you have to beat the other eight racers to access the Boss Courses.

Boss courses[edit]

These two courses can be accessed in Grand Prix Mode every time you beat eight different racers. After you beat Dr. Wily two and three times, these tracks become available in the other modes.

10. Bass' Base course
11. Dr. Wily's Fortress course

After you beat Dr. Wily you can see the ending sequence for your racer; if you beat Dr. Wily four times within the same save file, you'll see an alternate ending.

If your racer is Bass, the Base course won't be available. Instead, Bass has to beat all the other nine racers in order to access the Fortress course.

Versus/Time Attack Mode courses[edit]

These courses are not available in Grand Prix mode. The Sky courses are not associated to any specific character.

  • Sky course 1
  • Sky course 2
  • Sky course 3
  • Duo's Space course (see the unlockables page)