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Whenever you win a race, you can swap one of your four parts with a part from a defeated competitor. You can swap your body part only if you already own the three other parts of that same car.


Tires affect three attributes: (1) the sharpness of turns, (2) the speed on different terrains, (3) the recovering after hitting a mine.

Part name Part type Car Description
All-Round Tire Tire Mega Man Standard tires that are easy to control.
Non-Drift Tire Tire Roll Does not slow down on sand.
Sharp Tire Tire Protoman Allows you to turn more sharply.
Almighty Tire Tire Bass Despite their name, these are identical to Mega Man's tires.
Press Tire Tire Guts Man Travel faster on sandy road; allows you to drive over mines without skidding.
On-Road Tire Tire Quick Man Goes faster on road but slows down extremely on sand surfaces.
Non-Slip Tire Tire Ice Man Prevents you from spinning out when taking sharp turns on ice. Helpful in certain areas.
Fuuma Tire Tire Shadow Man Recovers quickly from spins and skids.
E-Guard Tire Tire Napalm Man Not affected by deceleration zones; faster on sand roads.
Hopper Tire Tire Spring Man Automatically jumps mines. Very handy.
Ultimate Tire Tire Dr. Wily Immune to deceleration zones, ice, and mines, but slows down on sand and water.
Blade Tire Tire Black Joe course Normal tires with a twist: running the tires' blades into an enemy car will slash its tires. This basically causes the other car to slow down and begin smoking for a few moments, similar to being hit with a Lightning Bolt or going over deceleration zones. Your opponent is pretty much grounded for the duration of this, and cannot steer himself.
Supreme Tire Tire Duo These are immune to sand and mines, though vulnerable to ice and deceleration zones.


Engines determine maximum speed and acceleration. Some engines have special attributes.

Part name Part type Car Description
Twin Engine Engine Mega Man Average speed and acceleration.
Follow Engine Engine Roll Max speed increases automatically if you're not in first place.
L-Blow Engine Engine Protoman High top speed, but low acceleration.
Double Engine Engine Bass Standard engine that is well-balanced.
Slope Engine Engine Guts Man Performs better on slopes than on flat surfacing.
Dash Engine Engine Quick Man Average max speed; good acceleration.
Aurora Engine Engine Ice Man Above-average top speed engine with very powerful brakes.
Idaten Engine Engine Shadow Man Decent acceleration, but overall weak top speed.
Device Engine Engine Napalm Man Acceleration plates last longer when using this. Handy.
Happy Engine Engine Spring Man Good acceleration and top speed but slows down more than most when going uphill.
Nova Engine Engine Dr. Wily Once it reaches a speed of about 300 or so, you begin rapidly accelerating, nearing top speed very quickly.
Retro Engine Engine Black Devil course Good acceleration, and a fair top speed. Tapping the X button will grant a temporary boost. This boost can be override by any other type of boost, though.
Final Engine Engine Duo Normal acceleration, incredible top speed, and doesn't lose traction going uphill.


All wings have different, special characteristics.

Part name Part type Car Description
Starter Wing Wing Mega Man Enhances your acceleration power.
Feather Wing Wing Roll Enhances your cornering abilities.
Hi-Speed Wing Wing Protoman Increases maximum speed.
Accel Wing Wing Bass Increases acceleration.
Power Wing Wing Guts Man Has great resistance to crashing.
Rocket Wing Wing Quick Man All statistics are increased, but effect wears off 60 seconds after the beginning of the race. It also helps you get a Rocket Start more easily.
Blizzard Wing Wing Ice Man Enables you to maneuver when in the air (otherwise you just keep flying straight until you hit something).
Hayate Wing Wing Shadow Man Special ability gauge fills up faster.
Counter Wing Wing Napalm Man Increases number of points you get for destroying obstacles by 1.
Lucky Wing Wing Spring Man Increases your chances of getting a rare item from the roulette.
Barrier Wing Wing Dr. Wily Forms a barrier shielding the car from other racers' attacks, though after a bit of pounding, the shield will collapse.
Sky High Wing Wing Black 4-Roaders course Leaves the car every so often and tries to seek out your main competitor. If it finds him or her, the wing hovers over the enemy's car and lifts it off the ground, eventually stopping it dead for a brief moment before the wing drops the enemy and returns to its owner.
Maximum Wing Wing Duo Seems to enhance speed performance.


Bodies determine the two special techniques that a car can use.

Part name Part type Car Description
Rush Body Body Mega Man Use the Mega Buster and Charge Shots.
Beat Body Body Roll Jump and Spin Attack.
Shield Body Body Protoman Shield and Proto Strike.
Treble Body Body Bass Bass Buster and Bass Blast.
Twin Arm Body Body Guts Man Super Arm and Earthquake.
Turbo Body Body Quick Man Slide Dash and Quick Turbo.
Polar Body Body Ice Man Ice Pillars and Ice Slasher.
Ninja Body Body Shadow Man Shadow Blade and Smoke Screen.
Full Metal Body Body Napalm Man Mines and Napalm Bombs.
Turn Punch Body Body Spring Man Turn Punch and Spring Attack.
Bone Head Body Body Dr. Wily Enables you to fire shots like Wily does.
Hammer Body Body Black Troop course Its non-charged attack swings a giant spiked ball on a chain around the car. Fully charged, it fires the spiked ball forward which explodes on impact and bounces all other cars slightly (similar to Guts Man's Earthquake attack). The fully-charged attack can be thrown in any direction (even backward) by pressing the desired direction the control pad while firing. Hitting an opponent solidly enough with spiked balls can make him dizzy.
Giga Fist Body Body Duo Two fists fly out and attack.

Secret techniques[edit]

These techniques are learned whenever you beat one of the Black challengers.

Part name Part type Car Description
Rocket Start Technique Black Joe You can use the Rocket Start if you hit the accelerator right when the first light comes on.
Special Item Technique Black 4-Roaders Press down three times, and you can get rid of an item.
Corners Technique Technique Black Devil You can drift sooner by tapping the opposite direction of the curve for a split second instead of just holding the button.
Special Move Technique Black Team Press down, then up on the D-pad, and at the same time taunt while running over a mine for a speed boost.