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Playable racers[edit]

Racer Vehicle Description Available skills Origin
Mega Man Rush Roadstar A balanced machine. Mega Buster and Charge Shot Main character
Bass Treble Darkstar A balanced machine. Bass Buster and Bass Blast Main opponent
Roll Pop'n Beat For beginners. Jump and Spin Attack Main character
Proto Man Red Striker A high speed machine. Shield and Proto Strike Main character
Guts Man Wild Arms Powerful off-roader. Can throw rocks and cause earthquake. Mega Man 1
Ice Man Cool Mobile This machine is cool. It can drop ice blocks or freeze the opponent. Mega Man 1
Quick Man Sonic Formula Good acceleration. Slide Move and Quick Turbo Mega Man 2
Shadow Man Shinobi Master Uses Ninja moves. Throwing Stars and Smoke Screen Mega Man 3
Napalm Man Patriot Bomber Has powerful weapons. Can put bombs behind or throw them away. Mega Man 5
Spring Man Surprise Boxer A tricky machine. The springs absorb shock and attack the opponent. Mega Man 7

Unlockable racers[edit]

Dr. Wily and Duo are playable in Versus and Time Attack modes only.

Racer Car name Description Origin
Dr. Wily Bone Head Unlocked after completing the game. Main opponent
Duo Hard Grandeur Unlocked after obtaining all four extra parts. Mega Man 8
- - Car made of the four extra parts. -

In the Japanese version, Duo is unlocked only by loading a special save from a Dengeki PlayStation magazine CD or using a cheat device. When starting the game with the save, a cutscene will introduce Duo and his machine, Duo replaces Bass in the opening race, and the message "デューオ登場" ("Duo Appears") appears in the title screen.

Non-playable racers[edit]

  • 4-Roader
  • Truck Joe
  • Yellow Devil

The Black Team:

  • Black 4-Roaders
  • Black Joe
  • Black Devil