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The PET (PErsonal Terminal) is the first item you obtain and can be accessed by pressing Start button. You will be presented with the following options:

Contains the 30 chips you can use in NetBattles. You can organize which chips you will use by moving them between the sack and folder. You can also sort them for quicker look up.
Complete list of all chips you have found.
Displays the current status of MegaMan.
Lists all the emails you have received from various NPCs.
Lists all the items you have obtained either in the real world or cyber world.
Allows you to trade or battle other players.
Saves the game.
Returns you back to control of either Lan or MegaMan.

Real World/Cyber World[edit]

You will be constantly switching between Lan in the real world and MegaMan in the cyber world to do various tasks. As Lan you will encounter many items that have a jack-in port. By pressing R button, you can "jack-in" to the item and play as MegaMan. As MegaMan, you will randomly encounter viruses that you will have to battle to continue. To jack out and return as Lan, press R button again. The controls are essentially the same in both worlds and only change when you engage in NetBattles.

Power Ups[edit]

Throughout the game, you will find two types of power ups: HPmemory and PowerUP. They can be purchased from merchants, found in mystery data, or are hidden in various objects.

HPmemory raises MegaMan's maximum HP by 20. MegaMan starts off with 100 HP and can raise it to a maximum of 1000 HP. Once acquired, they are automatically applied to MegaMan and raises his level by 1.

PowerUP allows you to boost either attack, rapid, or charge by one point up to a maximum of five. You get to pick which feature to boost. Attack determines how much HP of damage MegaMan's blaster does. One point in attack does 1 HP of damage and five points in attack does 5 HP of damage. Rapid determines how quickly you can fire MegaMan's blaster. Charge allows MegaMan to charge up his blaster and do extra damage after getting at least two points. There are two stages in the charge: yellow and purple. Each PowerUP raises MegaMan's level by 3.