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Here is one of the major secrets in the game. After you defeat Alpha (Proto) you gain a yellow star next to the continue option. Continue, Go to Ura Inn and enter the Undernet Server. Go to the hole where you received the Giga Freeze program and press A. If you have 100 or more Standard chips, you will be warped into a whole new area. Be warned though, the viruses here are a cut above your average type. In this area there are Monoliths that can only be broken by the Hammer. Get this from Undernet 7, but another warning! When you destroy one of these you must face 10 consecutive (And very tough) virus battles. Another object that can be found here are the Security doors. They have to be destroyed in numerical order, and can only be destroyed with a chip that does more damage than their HP. Keep in mind that if you hit the wrong one, the pillar will execute the Err&Del attack that inflicts 1000 damage. But even though the danger is great, you will be rewarded.