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Unlike all the other Mega Man Battle Network games, there is no set order to the story, as the individual scenarios occur randomly.

At least everyone fights this boss first, regardless of version.

Level 1 - the Speaker Amp[edit]

Boss: ShadeMan[edit]

  • Element: None
  • Hp: 500(α), 800(v2), 1200(v3), 1500(sp)
  • Attacks
    • Big Noise: Supersonic screeches in a triange form
    • Bat Summon: Releases 2 (or 3?) bats to come out at you
    • Leech Life: Does when Hp is low, drains your life energy and recovers his own
  • Recommended Strategies/Comments

Well, this has to be the strangest boss I've ever fought in the Battle Network series. When you first fight him, you can't damage him, but if you hit him 10 times with any attack, the battle will end. When you meet him the second time, you cannot hit him with normal chips... only a Darkchip that you get during the battle. To fight him proper, you'll have to wait until you reach the Undernet, and has a link to the Botkai side quest involving Django and Otenko from the Botkai series. Watch out for his bat summoning ability, which isn't very dangerous, but is quite annoying. What you should watch out for is Big Noise, which can cause quite a bit of damage, and can either stun you, or confuse you, leaving you exposed for suffering a LOT of damage. All in all, when you do defeat him in the Undernet, you can get his chip Shademan S, which replicates his Big Noise attack, and can, when combined with other chips, form the "Big Noise" Program Advance, which releases the supersonic waves further, and does a lot more damage.

Level 2 - Den City Tournament[edit]

Red Sun[edit]

Boss: GutsMan[edit]

  • Element: None
  • Hp: 500(α), 900(v2), 1300(v3), 1700(sp)
  • Attacks
    • Guts Punch: Punch 1 square ahead (all the way to the back row in later versions)
    • Guts Buster: Rapid fire 3 shot buster attack 3 squares ahead
    • Guts Mallet: GutsMan slams a hammer down on the square in front causin panels to crack and break and 3 rocks to fall from the air
  • Abilities
    • Super Armor: GutsMan will not be stunned by most battle chips
  • Recomended Strategies/Comments

Stay in the middle row. This stops 2 of GutsMan's attacks from hitting you directly. It is fairly easy to notice when GutsMan Puts up his guts buster to fire so you should have enough time to move back, up, or down, depending on which chips you plan on using. Also, be sure to watch for shadows after GutsMan uses his Guts Mallet to avoid the falling rocks. Be sure to break the cracked panels allowing them the time to regenerate so you don't get caught and end up taking a lot of damage. Gutsman's battle chip is the replication of Guts Mallet.

Boss: FireMan[edit]

  • Element: Fire
  • Hp: 1000(v2), 1500(v3), 2000(sp)
  • Attacks
    • Fire Arm: FireMan shoots a flame out of his arm which attacks the whole row that he is standing on.
    • Napalm Bomb: FireMan shoots lava balls that linger on the battlefield for a while before disappearing. One is always aimed at Megaman while the other goes off randomly.
    • Flame Line: Fireman attacks with flames that shoot out of the panels one at a time following the row Megaman is in while traveling across the screen.
    • Circle Flare: FireMan shoots a Flame Line that goes arround the outside barrier of Megaman's Panels
  • Abillities
    • Iron Feet: Fireman is not affected by lava type panels
  • Recomended Strategies/Comments

The reason there is no version 1 of FireMan is because he does not show up in the first playthrough. GutsMan takes his place due to the storyline after the second tournament is over. Aqua base chips can do a lot of damage if the flow of the folder is good. If you end up using 1 chip a turn FireMan will give you a tough time. Try to make a folder that can flow fast and hit hard enough to get you to your next turn. If you can manage an aqua based P.A. this battle will be a whole lot easier since the massive P.A. damge will be doubled and if full sychro is active the one combo will do x4 of the normal damage. FireMan's battle chip is the replication of Fire Arm.

Blue Moon[edit]

Will Be Finished Soon

Boss: AquaMan[edit]

  • Element: Aqua
  • Hp: 500(α), 1000(v2), 1500(v3), 1800(sp)
  • Attacks
    • Aqua Bomb: AquaMan throws a bomb that does damage where it lands and one space behind it.
    • Aqua Spreader: AquaMan Throws a bomb that explodes in a + pattern in version 1 and 2 and a 3x3 pattern in v3 and sp
    • Aqua Fountain: AquaMan summons 2 faucets on either side of him in the front row that shoot water forward 2 space alternatively while AquaMan continues his attacks
  • Abilities
    • Freeze Shoes: AquaMan won't slide even if hit with a forcw slider chip like airshot
  • Recommended Strategies/Comments

AquaMan is fairly easy. You just need to know where the bomb is going to hit and move out of its blast radius. When timed right, you could avoid being hit by everything and take down AquaMan in a stylish fashion. Be sure to pack a few electric chips so you can do double damage and speed along the battle.

Boss: NumberMan[edit]

  • Element: None
  • Hp:
  • Attacks
  • Abilitiers
  • Recomended Strategies/Comments:

The reason there is no version 1 of NumberMan is because he does not show up in the first playthrough. AquaMan takes his place due to the storyline after the second tournament is over.

Version Shared[edit]

Boss: SparkMan[edit]

  • Element: Electric
  • Hp:600(α), 1000(v2), 1400(v3), 1800(sp)
  • Attacks
    • Sparky: SparkMan will shoot out a spark that goes up and down hitting each row.
    • Sparklite: SparkMan shoots a Satellite that move across the field until Megaman is adjacent to it, then it shoots out sparks in an X pattern
    • MegaShadow: SparkMan makes a bright flash that blinds the screen for a second, then a dark Megaman will be behind the real Megaman and attempt to slash him with a wide sword.
  • Abilities
    • Invisi-Flash: SparkMan can only be hit in the short time while he is on screen to attack.
  • Recomended Strategies/Comments

SparkMan is one of the most annoying Navis to battle do to his ability to teleport all over the place. Wood type chips do double damage so you can try and get lucky with a boomer chip or time a lance when SparkMan appears in the back row. SparkMan's Sparklites can destroy mines so only use them if you feel lucky that they will be in the back row or if you think SparkMan will land on them before the sparklites will. Geddon 1 or 2 is a good recommendation since SparkMan still need somewhere to land. If Geddon 2 is used when he disappears, you will know where he will land since all his other panels will be destroyed. SparkMan chip uses a combination of sparky and MegaShadow.

Boss: TopMan[edit]

  • Element: None
  • Hp:
  • Attacks
  • Abilities: