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Here are some good combos for Faltzar:

Cross Beast Chip 1 Chip 2 Chip 3 Description
Aqua No TrainArrow 1/2/3 (Same Code) + WhiteCapsle (*) 3xAttack+10 (*) - With the Aqua Cross, you are able to charge aqua chips for double the damage. The TrainArrow fires 5 arrows worth 30/40/50 damage each. Alone that is 150/200/250 if each one hits. Add your 4 Attack+10 to get 40/50/60 an arrow. Add it up you get 200/250/300. The WhiteCapsle is more for navis and their "flinch." This attack is deadly to fire viruses/navis because it racks up to 300-400/400-500/500-600 damage. really useful
Any Yes useless elementless chip - - As a Beast or Cross Beast, if you charge elementless chips, you get an unique attack according to what you have. FaltzerBeast goes up to the enemy and does a wide and long slash. AquaBeast creates a whirlpool. ThawkCross sends tomahawks from the top and bottom of the field, around the border. TenguBeast hurls a typhoon. GroundBeast simply charges. DustBeast spits out recycled trash.
Optional Optional SpoutMan (A,*) + WhiteCapsle (*) SpoutManEX (A) + WhiteCapsle (*) SpoutManSP (A) Make sure your foe is in front of you. First, use SpoutMan and have it squirt out the hose which causes 150 damage (50 damage per hit for 3 hits). Then do it again with SpoutManEX for 180 damage (60 damage per hit for 3 hits). And wrap it up with SpoutManSP for 225 (75 damage per hit and 3 hits) Altogether a whopping 555 damage on regular navis or 1110 on fire navis. Very powerful
Optional Optional Protoman (B,*) + WhiteCapsle (*) ProtomanEX (B) + WhiteCapsle (*) ProtomanSP (B) This is a very powerfull combo to have in your folder. So first off, use Protoman (150 damage), then EX form (170 damage), then SP form (270 damage). The aftermath is 590 damage to regular navis and 1180 for wind navis.
Optional Optional Eraseman (*) TomahawkmanSP (T) + TomahawkmanEX (T) TengumanSP (T) + WhiteCapsle (*) Start with Eraseman (120 damage) and stun the enemy. Then, after you know the navi is in range, use TomahawkmanSP (210) and the EX form (160). Finally, Quickly activate Tenguman for a nice 120/250 damage. Put it all together for 615/740 damage.
Optional Optional ProtomanEX (B) + WhiteCapsle (*) DeuxHero {WideBlade/LongBlade/ProtomanSP (B)} - First, use ProtomanEX (170 damage) to stun the navi. Then use DeuxHero for a variable amount of damage.