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The second Skull Fortress

Stage walkthrough, part 1[edit]

Save the Screw Crusher for the boss battle and the Spark Shock for the sub-boss. Use the other weapons as much as possible. If you followed this walkthrough, you won't use the Dive Missile against any boss, therefore abuse it in this stage.

Weapons for the bosses Free weapons
Screw Crusher
Spark Shock
Gemini Laser
Search Snake
Shadow Blade
Dive Missile
Skull Barrier
Drill Bomb
Dust Crusher
E-can and breakable wall

Item list:

  • 1 large W-capsule (to encourage players into using the special weapons)
  • 1 small + 1 large E-capsule
  • 1 E-can
  • 1 breakable wall (Drill Bomb required)
  • Eddie

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Skeleton Joe: the only way to destroy it is using the fully-charged Mega Buster.
  • Skullmet: located between the Skeleton Joes, dispose of it with the Mega Buster
  • Pakatto 24: another enemy that can only be destroyed using the Mega Buster.
  • Shield Attacker: the Dive Missile can go around the shield and hit it where it is vulnerable.
  • Battonton: a single Gemini Laser can take out many at the same time.
  • Super Ball Machine: far away; use the Dive Missile.
  • Elec'n: use the Dive Missile or the Shadow Blade.
  • Parasyu: they attack while Megaman is riding the Rush Jet. Rapid fire with the Mega Buster.
  • Hologran: easily hit with the Dive Missile only.
  • Walking Bomb: they come from above; use the Dive Missile or the Shadow Blade.
  • Hammer Joe: the Gemini Laser can destroy it in two shots.
  • Ladder Press: invincible.
  • Up'n'Down: time your jumping over the pit where they pop up from.
  • Junk Block: it blocks the way; shoot it with the Mega Buster and pass before another one falls down.
  • Gachappon: an enemy with many hit points; use the Dust Crusher.
  • Metall Dance: the Shadow Blade is the most effective weapon.
  • Mechakkero: (mecha-frog); easily hit with the Search Snake.
  • Dada: weak enemy.
  • Count Bomb: Mega Man has to jump on it, then jump away before it explodes.
  • Pickelman Dada: an enemy with many hit points; use the Dust Crusher.

Sub-boss: Giant Suzy[edit]

Giant Suzy's room

Weak against the Spark Shock. The more damage it suffers, the faster it gets.

It drops a large E-capsule when defeated.

Stage walkthrough, part 2[edit]

In this part of the stage, feel free to use the Spark Shock, too.

Item list:

  • 2 small E-capsules

Three more enemies appear in the second part of the stage:

  • Garyoby: immune to most weapons, but weak against the Dust Crusher.
  • Jumbig: stun it with the Spark Shock, then finish it off with another weapon.
  • Boulder: the best protection against this falling obstacle is the Skull Barrier.

Boss: Dr. Wily[edit]

The Wily Machine

Wily Machine[edit]

The Wily Machine is only vulnerable to the fully-charged Mega Buster. Hit it in the eyes and slide under it.

Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily[edit]

Dr. Wily is only vulnerable to the Screw Crusher. Unfortunately, the cannonballs deflect it. Dodge the cannonballs and shoot the cockpit between them.