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PSX N64 PC Explanation
Neutral dpad Neutral control or Neutral dpad
  • Move Mega Man.
  • Navigate menus.
Cross button A button
  • Jump.
  • Confirm menu selections.
Square button B button
  • Fire Mega Buster.
  • Kick (if Mega Buster is not equipped).
Triangle button Left c
  • Fire special weapon.
  • Kick (if no special weapon is equipped).
  • Cancel menu selections.
Circle button Down c
  • Search items.
  • Open doors.
  • Talk to people.
L1 button Z button or L button
  • Turn left.
R1 button R button
  • Turn right.
R2 button Z button+R button
  • Lock on to nearby enemies.
Right c
  • Look around (with direction buttons).
Start button Start button
  • Menu
Select button Up c
  • Map

Advanced Techniques[edit]

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Select controller:
PSX, N64, PC
  • Walking: Hold Circle button and press Neutral dpad to walk slowly instead of running.
  • Quick Turn: Hold Neutral dpad and press Circle button to quickly turn to face in that direction.
  • Side Roll: Hold either R1 button or L1 button and press Cross button to quickly roll to one side. This can be used to dodge attacks.
  • Run in circles: Hold either Left dpad+R1 button or Right dpad+L1 button simultaneously to run in circles around enemies. This really confuses some bosses.
  • Roller Dash: If the Jet Skates are equipped, hold Circle button to Roller Dash. This lets you travel faster. Use Neutral dpad to steer.