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PSP Specific[edit]

In the PSP version of Mega Man, known as Mega Man Powered Up, the original game is available as well as a remade version of the game. The remade version adds three new bosses and new stages for the original bosses. Almost all of the old bosses have new weaknesses as well.

Proto Eye - A new stage that takes place right before the events of the original game. It details Dr. Wily revealing his plans for world domination, and Mega's transformation into Mega Man. The Proto Eye itself is fairly easy. It basically jumps to one side of the screen and fires a shot at you with its eye before repeating the process. It has virtually no weakness.

All of the original bosses Same type of level as before, just laid out differently. The bosses themselves each have one new attack, however:

  • Cutman: He takes out a larger cutter and throws it at you.
  • Gutsman: He uses one of Drill Man's attacks from Mega Man 4, where he digs into the ground and pops out at where you're standing. The new Time Slow is now effective against him.
  • Iceman: He summons an icicle down at you. It goes away after a while. The Hyper Bomb is now effective against him.
  • Bombman: He takes out a giant bomb and throws it at you. If he throws it near himself, it bounces along before it explodes. Use a Rolling Cutter to take it out if you can. The Rolling Cutter is also effective against Bomb Man now.
  • Fireman: Uses a Flame Blast from Mega Man 6 occasionally.
  • Elecman: Summons a thunderbolt down at where you are standing at the moment. The new Oil Slider is now effective against him.

Time Man His stage is full of objects that operate based on time, such as time bombs. He attacks by either shooting clock hands at you or slowing time to make it easier for him to attack.

Oil Man His stage is full of fire enemies and oil that they can light you on fire with. He attacks by shooting blobs of oil at you.

Wily Stages Almost exactly the same. However, almost all of the bosses here have new attacks as well:

  • First leg: The Yellow Devil now slams his hand into you if you are standing too close to him after he reforms. He is now vulnerable to the Fire Storm.
  • Second leg: What was once the third leg is now the second. CWU-01P now has an attack where he uses a laser against you. He also uses it to have blocks try to crush you. You can also use these blocks with the Super Arm.
  • Third leg: What was once the second leg is now the third. You fight all of the main eight bosses here now, this time using the teleportation system from the later games of the series. As for the Copy Robot, he is only weak to the weapons that counter the weapons he's using (like the Ice Slasher if he's using the Fire Storm).
  • Forth leg: The Wily Machine now uses all of the special abilites. Like the Copy Robot, he's only weak to the weapon that counters the one he's using.