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Dr. Light's laboratory[edit]

You can access Dr. Light's laboratory by pressing the Select button button on the stage selection screen or the A button button at the end of a stage. You need a total of 570 P-chips in order to purchase all of Dr. Light's exclusive items.

In the table below, prices are in P-chips (P). Items in the upper part can be found in the stages, items in the lower half can only be purchased from Dr. Light.

The most useful item, the one that should be purchased first, is probably the Magnet Hand: it allows to get items that would otherwise be hard to reach. Other very useful items are the Energy Balancer and the Power Generator.

Item P Description
Mini E-Tank 20 Collect four of these and you will earn a E-Tank.
1-Up 50 Extra life.
E-Tank 60 You can totally recharge your energy level with this item.
Refill 70 All of your weapons will be immediately refilled.
Dr. Light's exclusive items
W-Tank 30 You can totally recharge one of your weapons with this item.
Magnet Hand 90 This is a power-up item for the Mega Arm. Once installed, you can grab an item from far away.
Clobber Hand 100 This is a power-up item for the Mega Arm. Once installed, you can grab and attack the enemy over and over.
S-Tank 120 You can totally recharge your energy level and all of your weapons with this item.
E-Balancer 140 With this item, the weapon with the least amount of energy will be refilled automatically when you pick up a weapon capsule.
Power Generator 0 This power generator was made from the four crystals you brought back. The power generator will reduce the amount of energy your special weapons use by half.

Items per stage[edit]

Notes about the items:

  • E-capsules (energy) and W-capsules (weapons) come in two sizes: the large ones (L) replenish 10 bars, the small ones (s) just 2.
  • P-chips capsules come in two sizes, too: 8 P and 2 P. The table reports the total number of P-chips instead of the capsules: this is useful for Dr. Light's laboratory.
  • The E-tanks column includes the mini-tanks as "quarters" of an E-tank.
  • Eddie and Protoman give you a random item. As a plus, Protoman only can gift you a S-capsule, that replenishes all life and weapons energy, and he can also open new passages.

Starting from the second stage selection screen, special weapons don't recharge automatically when you defeat the robot master, therefore the W-capsules and W-tanks become more important. Once you start the first of the final stages, you cannot visit Dr. Light's laboratory anymore, and unused P-chips become useless.

Stage E-capsules W-capsules P-chips E-tanks 1-Ups Eddie Protoman Rush
Mercury 2L - 26 1 1 - - -
Neptune 2L + 2s - 10 - 1 - - -
Mars 1L + 5s - 34 2 - - - -
Venus 1L - 8 0 + 4/4 - 1 - Rush Coil
Dark Moon - - - - - - - Rush Space
Second selection screen
Pluto 1L + 3s 1L + 2s 50 - 1 - 1 -
Uranus 2L 1L 40 2 + 1/4 1 1 - -
Jupiter 2L 1L + 1s 30 1 + 3/4 1 - 1 -
Saturn 1L 2L + 2s 60 - 1 1 - Rush Jet
Final stages
Terra - - - - - - - -
Wily Star 1 - - - - - - - Rush Space
Wily Star 2 3L 2L - 1 4 1 2 -
Wily Star 3 1L + 1s 3L + 7s - 2 - - 1 -