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  • Leg Upgrade
  • Heart Tank

Stage walkthrough[edit]

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Now that we've got a saw wheel we're gonna head to the Desert Base and Fight Overdrive Ostrich.

Right away you'll find a small wall that if shot with the x-buster will turn into a ramp. If you shoot the wall the [pig motor cycle robot] can't proceed. Bust him and the scorpion bot that follows.

After leaving the room you now make your way back to the left and go down the ladders. Bust some one wheeled robo-bacon and make your way to a hover-bike like the one you rode at the beginning of the game.

As you ride up, you can drive over spikes and spam y to blast more pig-cycles. When you get to the top you'll need to blast down another ramp. You can also go left to a strange room, but you'll need the silk web charge shot to find the hidden health units up here.

As you continue on watch the road for motorcycles, just like real life. Unlike real life, blast them, hit a ramp, jump the sand generator, and just keep spamming the shot to keep lowering the ramps. This part gets tricky. Each ramp you come to you need to shoot to knock down and also hit a to boost the bike for maximum jump. If you can manage it you'll get the bike across the chasm, shoot another wall jump (dont boost), go into a series of mini jumps inside the base, and finally to a death spike trap. Make sure to turn the bike around before you ram into spikes.

Now continue right and find yet more suspicious blocks that you can saw thru with saw wheel. Here you'll find some sweet new red and white kicks, Thanks Dr. Light, even dead you still manage to make some pretty slick duds. Now you can dash easily in the air.

Continue on right, blow up that rocket and keep those pesky reploids from starting their space program.

Now it's time to make short work of this bird with your new found air dash. He's pretty easy, if you use the x buster's upgraded double shot. When he get's close, just dash away so he jumps in from the background. You can also dash to the high point on the hill and jump then air dash over him. Occasionally he will jump up and rain down easily avoidable sonic shots from above.

Next stop, either bubble crab and Agile (if you're going for speed) or Wire Sponge if you're going the easy path.

Maverick Boss: Overdrive Ostrich[edit]

  • Weakness: Crystal Hunter