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X's Hit Points that you start off with.
X's HP after all 8 heart tanks are collected.

You'll only start out with 16 hit points, but you can increase your maximum by acquiring Heart Tanks. Sub Tanks are also available to help keep you alive.

Heart Tanks[edit]

For more details on Heart Tanks, see Mega Man X2/Heart Tanks.

Heart Tanks are permanent power-ups that increase your maximum health.

Sub Tanks[edit]

For more details on Sub Tanks, see Mega Man X2/Sub Tanks.

Sub Tanks are permanent power-ups that allow you to fill up a reserve amount of health. You can use the contents of a Sub Tank at any time; however when used you must use it until either it is empty or your health is full.


X is capable of more than just hopping and shooting little balls of energy like Mega Man. X is capable of sliding down walls when you hold the directional button towards the wall. This will give you a more controlled descent.

Get used to controlling X, for you'll need to become accustomed to dashing, jumping and firing the buster all at the same time if you wish to get to the end of the game.

When injured this will recover your health, as will a smaller version.

You can also wall hop, by leaping from the wall slide, pressing against the wall and hitting the jump button again. This is a good way to quickly ascend, and is invaluable in some boss fights. You can increase your lateral speed by pressing dash when jumping from walls.

Remember, X has a buster that is capable of multiple levels of power. Holding down the fire button begins a charge process. The first level surrounds X with blue balls of energy, the second being more of a white-yellow hue.

X may seem weak now, when you look at his health, but as the game progresses you'll discover Heart Containers that increase his maximum health and armor parts that will give him such abilities as even more charging potential, or increased resistance to damage. Seek these out, as they will be integral in your success as X.