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X and the Maverick Hunters have chased the last of Sigma's remaining supporters to this Reploid factory and X is ready to destroy the last of the Mavericks once and for all.


There are no Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, or Upgrades in the opening.


As you start the stage X and a Maverick Hunter are riding motorcycles and the stage begins as your motorcycles are destroyed. Watch out for the guy right in front of you as he will shoot at you, but a charged shot can shoot through his projectiles. For the first section just run through and if you get trapped by one of the wall screws do not worry for they can't damage you while closed.

As you progress there is a conveyor belt with many construction bays which if there is anything inside it will damage you so try to go over the top while avoiding the drones. Past the conveyor belt there is a short wall jump gauntlet used to make sure you can wall jump or wall climb. Finally there is a pit with a large health pickup next to it. Grab the pickup if you need it then drop into the hole for the boss door.

Boss - Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0[edit]

This boss is particularly easy with its main damage output being its hands. The boss will jump and walk slowly left or right in an attempt to hit you. The only place you can hurt it is its head so simple place a few charge shots into the head and victory will be yours!

After the boss is defeated you will get a short cut scene with the X Hunters which you will encounter later after defeating some Mavericks. Detailed information can be found on the Walkthrough page. Once the scene is finished you will be sent to the stage select.