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The Maverick Reploid Factory[edit]

Destroy this before it can destroy you!

The quest begins at the outside of the Maverick Reploid Factory, the place where the last remnants of the Mavericks are reported to be gathered. It is up to X and his group of Hunters to enter and destroy the Mavericks.

This makes drones.

As the stage starts you'll notice it has a little bit of action happening, with X whisking across the landscape while energy beams miss him and end up hitting his friend. X crashes his bike into a robot outside of the factory, and Ready appears on the screen.

Shoot it until it gets destroyed, it has no attacks.

As you progress further you'll notice a quickly downward sloping path, with an aerial drone buzzing about. Be careful since at the very bottom on the leftmost side is a pit filled with dangerous parts that will damage X.

Instead, leap onto the Drone construction bay and continue along the path, heading to your right. Even though the drones that are being made aren't fully completed they can still damage you if you get hit by one of them, so avoid them and use the construction bays as safe havens.

Wall jump to safety.

You'll notice, after getting past the area where the drones are being made, a strange arm-like thing sticking down from the ceiling. Walk up to it and it will grab you, then throw you to the right. Hold right and try to jump up the wall there, then head over, jumping up the wall past that to reach the ladder.

After the ladder you'll be in a part where the walls slowly close in on X. Climb up the walls by jumping up them as quickly as you can and reach the top before it's too late!

There will be no opponents in this area, so if you're still having issues with understanding how to slide on walls and jump from walls you should practice here. Grab the energy pellet and fall down the hole.

At the bottom of the hole is a door which automatically opens and closes and lets you through. All bosses and most sub-bosses will be found behind doors like that one.


You'll see many doors like this one in the future.
That bar is the boss's hit points. Deplete it to win.
Serges, Violen and Agile will prove dangerous to you.

When the boss shows up a bar fills up: that is the boss endurance. Aim for its head and keep on firing, try to use fully charged up shots. This fight is extremely easy. After it is defeated, the big reploid will explode causing debris to fall about. X will take his leave, and you'll be done with the stage.

Three dark shadowy figures make their first appearance. These are the X-Hunters, and you will learn more about them as you battle the Mavericks in the game.