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The home of Flame Stag, this hot location within the world of Mega Man X2 is one which will test your abilities at rapid wall climbing, as well as force you to think carefully about how to use your enemies to your advantage. It is a fine stage to start in if you know the game well, but a newer player may discover some difficulties, especially during the periods when you need to outrace an erupting volcano.


  • Sub-Tank
  • Heart

Stage walkthrough[edit]

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The Volcanic Zone is home to Flame Stag and is quite an intense level, but it is home to a Heart Tank and a Sub Tank.

As you head right you'll find a large cliff wall. A flying stag beetle will try and crush you against it, so keep wall jumping to avoid it. After it smashes against the wall, try and jump on top of the little platform on its back. If you do so, it will fly upwards. When it stops moving, you'll see a little cliff off to the left - walljump onto it to find a Sub Tank. Then, jump onto the top of the large wall to the right to find a hole you can drop into.

Head right inside the volcano and you'll hear a rumbling. Immediately start walljumping up this shaft, as lava will start rising from the floor! You can grab the powerups if you dare, but if you want the Heart Tank you should avoid them. This is because it's hidden behind a wall enemy that takes quite a few shots to kill, so you want as much time as possible. Quickly grab it and run out to the top of the mountain. You're not safe yet - when the lava reaches the top it will erupt in a big pillar, so watch out. Continue right.

These narrow pillars will start to crumble and fall when you stand on them, so be quick. You'll find another big wall and another beetle robot. You'll notice some thinner layers of the wall - you can bait the beetle to destroy these walls if you're clever enough. If there's an X-hunter in this stage you want to fight, have him destroy the highest thin wall to discover the optional boss door. For more info on the X-hunter system click here. If you're doing a normal run through, find another way in and continue right.

More crumbling pillars, this time with lava below you, so be as fast as possible. Next you'll find a shaft with gas leaks. The gas it expels won't hurt you, but there are these flaming squirrel guys that will ignite it and make it do a ton of damage, so be wary as you head up. Pro tip: a fully charged Bubble Splash will help with dealing with these guys. At the top of the shaft you'll find the door leading to Flame Stag.

Maverick boss: Flame Stag[edit]

  • Weakness: Bubble Splash

This opponent will be a fierce one, so prepare yourself. The main style of attack that Flame Stag uses is to leap quickly up and down his walls, first leaping to one wall and then to the opposite. Thus if you can adjust to how he attacks you can readily anticipate his route of approach.

He will also run along the ground toward you, leaving flames in his wake. This attack can prove devastating, so be wary and try to avoid it by leaping over him. Stag also tends to throw fireballs, the first one high and the second one low. Simply find the right spot and you can easily evade those two, though the wrong spot will result in pain.

If you climb up the walls to try and escape him, staying to one wall, he will chase you right up the wall. This can catch you by surprise quite easily, so be wary.

At about halfway through his health those flames he uses will change color, becoming blue.

If you want an easy victory hitting him with Bubble Crab's weapon will make it so. Killing the Stag will net you the Speed Burner, which is effective against Morph Moth in the Robot Junkyard stage.