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Suggested order & item checklist[edit]


Mavericks are listed here so that each is weak against the weapon obtained in the previous stage. Note that there are two items to find in each stage: one Heart-Tank and either a Sub-Tank or an Upgrade.

In order to recover Zero's parts more easily, fight the X-Hunters where suggested here. The later you fight them, the stronger Mega Man X will be. If an X-Hunter moves to an earlier stage you want to enter, enter another stage you already completed and exit from it to reshuffle the X-Hunters locations. Violen is weak against B. Crab's weapon; Serges is weak against O. Ostrich's weapon; Agile is weak against M. Centipede's weapon.

X Hunters[edit]

After you beat two Mavericks, the three X-Hunters will occupy random stages. You can see which stages they're in on the stage select as the ones they occupy will have a Sigma symbol on the map. In an occupied stage, you can find them in a hidden boss door (these doors will be noted in the walkthroughs).

Defeating them will net you one of three Zero parts which, when all are collected, will change the ending fight. Try and find them as late as possible, as the longer you wait the stronger you'll be. But be careful, because if they run out of stages to occupy you'll lose your chance to fight them. For tips on fighting Violen, Agile, and Serges, check out the Bosses page.

Suggested order[edit]

The eight main Mavericks can be defeated in order. The traditional, Normal order used in almost every Mega Man game is to choose the next stage so that its boss is weak against the Special Weapon obtained from the previous boss. Because of the requirements to collect all the items in Mega Man X2, this method requires to re-enter all of the eight stages (except for the last one).

An alternative, faster but harder method is possible; this way, all stages have to be visited just once to collect all items (with just two mandatory exceptions). The drawback is that some boss battles will be more difficult, because the appropriate Special Weapon won't be available yet.

Normal walkthrough Speed walkthrough
Criterion: The weapon obtained from each defeated Maverick is the weakness of the subsequent one.
  • You have to re-visit half of the stages in order to collect all items.
  • You will fight the last X-Hunter with just the X-Buster.
Criteria: (1) 100% item collection and no stage re-entry; (2) fight all X-Hunters with appropriate weapons when possible.
  • You have to fight one Maverick (excluding the first one) with just the X-Buster: Overdrive Ostrich
  1. Overdrive Ostrich
  2. Wire Sponge (get Heart-Tank and Sub-Tank)
  3. Wheel Gator
    • Re-visit O. Ostrich stage for Heart-Tank and Leg-Upgrade
  4. Bubble Crab (get Heart-Tank)
  5. Flame Stag & Violen (get Heart-Tank, Sub-Tank, Zero part)
    • Re-visit W. Gator stage for Arms-Upgrade and Heart-Tank
    • Re-visit B. Crab stage for Sub-Tank
  6. Morph Moth & Serges (get Body-Upgrade and Zero part)
  7. Magna Centipede & Agile (get Heart-Tank, Sub-Tank, Zero part)
  8. Crystal Snail (get Heart-Tank and Head-Upgrade)
    • Re-visit M. Moth stage for Heart-Tank
  1. Wire Sponge (get Heart-Tank and Sub-Tank)
  2. Wheel Gator (get Arms-Upgrade and Heart-Tank)
  3. Overdrive Ostrich & Violen (get Heart-Tank, Leg-Upgrade, and Zero part)
  4. Bubble Crab & Agile (get Heart-Tank, Sub-Tank, and Zero part)
  5. Flame Stag (get Heart-Tank and Sub-Tank)
  6. Morph Moth & Serges (get Heart-Tank, Body-Upgrade, and Zero part)
  7. Magna Centipede (get Heart-Tank and Sub-Tank)
  8. Crystal Snail (get Heart-Tank and Head-Upgrade)