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Maverick Weapon Trajectory Effect
Overdrive ostrich Sonic Slicer Normal: bounces off walls at an angle
Charged: wipes full screen
Wire Sponge Strike Chain Normal: short-range attack
Charged: mid-range attack
Press and hold for longer range
Grabs capsules dropped by enemies
Grabs walls and pulls Mega Man X to it.
Wheel Gator Spin Wheel Normal: along the floor
Charged: 8 projectiles in 8 directions
Breaks certain walls
Bubble Crab Bubble Splash Normal: arc upwards
Charged: barrier
Normal: press and hold for "rapid" fire
Charged: higher jumps when underwater
Flame Stag Speed Burner Normal: forward shot
Charged: mid-air dash body attack
Charged: the mid-air dash can be performed straight after the Legs Upgrade mid-air dash
Morph Moth Silk Shot Normal: arc down and split in 4
Charged: arc down and split in 8
Charged: in some secret rooms, it attracts energy and weapon capsules
Magnet Centipede Magnet Mine Normal: remote controlled
Charged: remote controlled
(Press Up and Down to control trajectory)
Crystal Snail Crystal Hunter Normal: long arc down
Charged: full sceen
Normal: encases enemies in large crystal
Charged: temporary slow-motion

Bubble Splash[edit]

You must defeat Bubble Crab to obtain this weapon. Shoots up a bubble, and, when this weapon is fully charged, creates a shield that consumes weapon energy each time and allows you to jump higher (underwater only).

Crystal Hunter[edit]

You must defeat Crystal Snail to obtain this weapon. Freezes any enemy that comes into contact with it. Also, when fully charged, it slows down time for a short period of time; useful for when you have to wall jump while the walls are closing in on you.

Magnet Mine[edit]

You must defeat Magna Centipede to obtain this weapon. Shoots a low-explosive mine.

Silk Shot[edit]

You must defeat Morph Moth to obtain this weapon. Shoots a sparkly shot.

Sonic Slicer[edit]

You must defeat Overdrive Ostrich to obtain this weapon. This weapon shoots a supersonic wave that bounces off walls and, when charged, shoots 5 waves from the ceiling.

Speed Burner[edit]

You must defeat Flame Stag to obtain this weapon. Shoots two spiraling fireballs. Also, when this weapon is charged up, you can air-dash to the left or right. The charged shot counts as a separate dash, so it can stack with air-dash or a dash jump. For example, you can jump (or dash-jump), then air-dash, then release the charged Burner to get a total of two air-dashes.

Spin Wheel[edit]

You must defeat Wheel Gator to obtain this weapon. This weapon is similar to Rolling Shield in Mega Man X game, but it can also cut weak platforms.

Strike Chain[edit]

You must defeat Wire Sponge to obtain this weapon. This weapon can pull you to any wall you aim at and can take items.