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  • Sub Tank
  • Heart
  • Arm Upgrade (need T. Rhino's weapon and Leg Upgrade)

Stage walkthrough[edit]


When you reach the first red robot with two spiked balls, kill it without destroying the dragonfly bot that floats above it. Hop on top of the dragonfly bot and dash jump up to the right to reach the Sub-Tank.

Miniboss: Worm Seeker-R[edit]

This miniboss will disappear into the walls and appear only to spawn two bouncing projectiles. The projectiles will hop around for a while unless you destroy them. The miniboss will either move vertically downwards from the left or right side, move vertically upwards from the middle, or appear at one corner, then arch horizontally (it will not cross the room) and disappear into the other corner.

The easiest way to fight it is with charged shots, because you'll only get a few seconds to shoot whenever it appears.

Heart Tank[edit]

Before you reach the second locked door, jump from the dragonfly bot to the far right and scale the wall above the locked door.

Optional boss room[edit]

This room is where you may meet either Bit or Byte, if you completed at least two stages, but all eight of them.

Maverick boss: Neon Tiger[edit]

Neon Tiger is a fast boss who will give you little room and time to avoid his attacks. He starts the fight by flying diagonally upwards above you, and then he will return to his starting spot. After that, he will perform the following, randomly:

  • Neon Tiger's Ray Splasher: he fires five yellow orbs from his tail. If you're on the ground, he will shoot below you, above you, at you (small hop over it), above you, and below you again. Whenever he uses this attack, the pattern is the same for the projectiles. However, if he shoots at you while you're on a wall, the direction of the projectiles can be confusing (so stay off the wall if he is shooting).
  • Dash: Like his initial behavior, he will fly diagonally across the room and then do one of two things:
    • Fly back down (like his initial behavior).
    • Pause, then drop down to where you are and slash. This can be difficult to avoid, as well as make the fight harder, because he may drop in the middle of the room if you're crossing there. He usually begins Ray Splasher after this attack.

At lower health, Neon Tiger begins his special attack. You know he is performing it when you shoot at him and he is invincible. He will raise one claw in front of his face, then both claws extend. He turns orange, then charges across the ground and leaps up into the top corner. To dodge this, scale the wall, then dash jump to the other side of the screen. When he drops back to the ground he will return to normal, and then perform one of his attacks again.

This point in the fight can be annoying because he may perform his special attack over and over again. Try to cause the AI to do something different: go up to the top left corner and wait there (he may dash up there), or stand closer to him. It's dangerous, but it may speed things up.

Special Weapon[edit]

Mega Man X3 Ray Splasher.png

Ray Splasher is a faster version of Neon Tiger's projectile attack. It fires out small projectiles along one of three different vectors (forward, downward diagonally, and upwards diagonally). When using this attack, it automatically fires for a few seconds (one full pattern of shots; something like five projectiles), even if you stop holding Y Button.

The Ray Splasher is especially effective against Gravity Beetle.