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Item checklist[edit]

Most items require other items to be obtained. In the following list every indentation means that the previous item is required to get the more indented ones.

  • Free items:
    • T. Seahorse's Heart
    • T. Rhino's Sub-Tank
    • N. Tiger's Sub-Tank
    • N. Tiger's Heart
    • G. Beetle's Heart (defeat B. Hornet)
  • Leg Upgrade:
    • B. Buffalo's Sub-Tank
    • B. Hornet's Heart
    • V. Catfish's Heart
  • T. Rhino's weapon:
    • Chimera ride armor:
      • B. Buffalo's Heart
      • V. Catfish's Sub-Tank
      • C. Crawfish's Heart
  • Leg Upgrade & T. Rhino's weapon:
    • Leg chip (needs Chimera & Frog ride armors & Leg Upgrade)
    • Arm Upgrade:
      • Arm chip (need also Chimera ride armor)
      • Kangaroo ride armor (need also B. Buffalo's weapon)
      • Frog ride armor
      • T. Rhino's Heart (need also V. Catfish's weapon)
      • Armor Upgrade (need also G. Beetle's weapon):
        • Body Chip (need also Chimera ride armor)
      • Head Upgrade (need also V. Catfish's weapon)
      • Hawk ride armor (need also V. Catfish's weapon):
        • Energy chip (need also Head upgrade)

Bit, Byte and Vile[edit]

After you defeat the second Maverick, you will soon face Bit, who is weak against B. Buffalo's weapon (the 2nd suggested Maverick here). After you defeat Bit, you will soon face Byte, who is weak against T. Rhino's weapon (the 4th suggested Maverick here). If they're both defeated using the weapons they're weak against, they will not reappear in the final stages of the game.

Before defeating Byte, you can access Vile's stage from capsules hidden in some stages you already cleared: B. Buffalo's, V. Catfish's or C. Crawfish's. Vile is weak against C. Crawfish's and N. Tiger's weapons. If he's defeated using the weapons he's weak against, he will not reappear in the final stages of the game. If you meet Byte before fighting Vile, let Byte defeat you once, and he'll move to another stage.

Suggested order[edit]


Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

The eight main Mavericks can be defeated in order. The traditional, Normal order used in almost every Mega Man game is to choose the next stage so that its boss is weak against the Special Weapon obtained from the previous boss. Because of the large number of collectible items in Mega Man X3, this method requires to re-enter all of the eight stages (except for the 8th one).

An alternative, faster but harder method is possible; this way, all stages have to be visited just once to collect all items (with just one exception). The drawback is that some boss battles will be more difficult, because the appropriate Special Weapon won't be available yet.

Normal walkthrough Speed walkthrough
Criterion: The weapon obtained from each defeated Maverick is the weakness of the subsequent one.
  • You have to re-visit all stages (excepth for the 8th one) in order to collect all items.
  • You will fight Bit and Byte with the appropriate weapons, so that there will be no rematch against them.
Criterion: collect all items and re-enter the minimum possible number of stages (i.e. just one)
  • You have to fight two Mavericks (excluding the first one) with just the X-Buster.
  • You will fight Bit and Byte again in Doppler's fortress.
  1. Blast Hornet
  2. Blizzard Buffalo (get Leg Upgrade and Sub-Tank)
  3. Toxic Seahorse (get Heart)
  4. Tunnel Rhino (get Sub-Tank)
    • Re-visit B. Hornet stage for Chimera Ride Armor and Heart
    • Re-visit B. Buffalo stage for Heart
  5. Volt Catfish (get Heart and Sub-Tank)
  6. Crush Crawfish (get Heart)
    • Vile (defeat him using C. Crawfish weapon)
  7. Neon Tiger (get Sub-Tank, Arms Upgrade and Heart)
    • Re-visit T. Seahorse stage for Kangaroo Ride Armor
    • Re-visit T. Rhino stage for Heart and Head Upgrade
    • Re-visit C. Crawfish stage for Hawk Ride Armor
  8. Gravity Beetle (get Heart and Frog Ride Armor)
    • Re-visit V. Catfish stage for Body Upgrade
  9. Choose one chip:
    • Arms Chip: in G. Beetle stage (use a Ride Armor)
    • Body Chip: in C. Crawfish stage (use a Ride Armor)
    • Head Chip: in B. Hornet stage (use Hawk R.A.)
    • Legs Chip: in T. Seahorse stage (use Frog R.A.)
    • Gold Chip: in first final stage (hidden in a pit)
  1. Tunnel Rhino (get Sub-Tank)
  2. Blast Hornet (get Chimera R. A. and Heart)
  3. Blizzard Buffalo (get Heart, Leg Upgr. and Sub-Tank)
  4. Neon Tiger (get Sub-Tank, Arm Upgr. and Heart)
  5. Gravity Beetle (get Heart, Frog R. A. and see Arm Chip)
  6. Volt Catfish (get Heart, Body Upgr. and Sub-Tank)
    • Vile (defeat him using N. Tiger's weapon)
    • Re-visit T. Rhino stage for Heart and Head Upgrade
  7. Crush Crawfish (get Hawk R. A., Heart and see Body Chip)
  8. Toxic Seahorse (get Heart, Kangaroo R. A. and see Leg Chip)
  9. Choose one chip:
    • Head Chip: in B. Hornet stage (use Hawk R. A.)
    • Gold Chip: in first final stage (hidden in a pit)