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Sky Lagoon is under attack. Our Maverick Hunter starts off to help.

Area 1[edit]

Whether you chose X or Zero, begin to walk forward (to the right) as you meet about 3-5 flying bots and a rolling one (beware of the rolling robot). After you have successfully beat them continue on to see an Eregion that will try to claw at you and shot energy balls form its mouth. Note: this large robot can be defeated but it is better to dodge him and flee, because he comes back later anyway. As you flee you begin to notice that there are walls that you can destroy, simply jump over these wall until you meet the last wall which you have to destroy to get through. When moving through the wall be aware of the drill truck robot that will come by, if you are Mega Man charge up your shot twice to kill it, if you are Zero do a 1-2 slash then back away, go down the ramp and you will meet another Drill Bot and you notice the place begins to blow up. Continue through the door to find Magma Dragoon and talk to him.

Area 2[edit]

After the conversation is over you will land in the next stage where first X or Zero will talk, then you move on. After that be aware that there are robotic bees in places, you do not have to destroy them but it is wise. Note: the red things stuck on the wall can be temporarily stunned by Mega Man but will not kill them. As you continue on, watch out for falling rocks, 3 fall down and one goes up. As you continue you will fall into a hole with some goodies, but you need to quickly get up the wall before squashed. If you are Zero, you will find Iris lying injured-talk with her then move on. Continue and you will see the green robot again. If you are Zero jump to hit him in the head/torso with the Z sabre. If you are X, charge up your shot and jump to shoot him in the head. After you have done this until he is dead you will meet with Colonel and he will have a brief talk with you. Good job, you beat the first level.


The Repliforce declares independance, and are soon classified as Mavericks.

Then, the player returns to base to get briefing of Maverick stages.

At this time:

  • X will meet Double the rookie hunter as his assistant.
  • Zero will find that Iris is waiting for him in the briefing room. She seems to have recovered from the fall.