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Game Flow[edit]

The main game is played in the following order:

  • Start Sky Lagoon as the intro stage.
  • Return to base and get to choose Maverick stages in any order.
  • After completing any four stages, the player is forced to visit Memorial Hall.
  • After defeating all Maverick bosses, complete Space Port, and Final Weapon (twice in different parts).


A couple of notes to note about:

  • Like all Mega Man X games, you can re-visit the 8 standard levels at almost any point.
  • Certain Hearts, Tanks, and Upgrades may require re-visits to obtain them.
  • The Volcano is the only location where you can bring the Ride Armor to fight the boss.
  • The Rising Fire and Ryuenijin are the only weapon required to complete the game.

Here is the rundown on item locations before you select your levels of completion:

Heart Location Items Weakness Gained

Web Spider
Area 2
Need Rising Fire or Ryuenjin
Leg Upgrade Twin Slasher

Lightning Web

Cyber Space

Cyber Peacock
Area 1
Get an S on 1st race
Soul Body or Kuuenzan recommended
E-Tank Reserve (Area 1)
Get an S on 2nd race

Head Upgrade (Area 1)
Get an S on 3rd race
Soul Body

Aiming Laser

Air Force

Storm Owl
Area 1
Use the Ride Armor to quickly get it
Arms Upgrades (Area 2)
need Lightning Web
Aiming Laser

Double Cyclone


Magma Dragoon
Area 2 Armor Upgrade (Area 2)
Need Head Upgrade & Twin Slasher
Double Cyclone

Rising Fire

Marine Base

Jet Stingray
Area 1 Sub-Tank (Area 2) Frost Tower

Ground Hunter

Bio Lab

Split Mushroom
Area 2
use falling platforms to quickly get it above
None Lightning Web

Soul Body

Military Train

Slash Beast
Area 2
Use Ride Armor to break blocks
None Ground Hunter

Twin Slashers

Snow Base

Frost Walrus
Area 1
Need Rising Fire or Ryuenjin
need Lightning Web

Break the ice
Rising Fire

Frost Tower


Suggested order[edit]

Before checking below, please check above on the chart.

As X[edit]

The levels can be chosen in order and there are a lot of ways to accomplish the completion at the easiest ways possible. keep in mind the following:

  • The Jungle has the Leg Upgrade that brings advantage to mobility.
  • Be cautious of defeating the 4th Maverick of your choice. After you complete 4 of the 8 stages, not only will you be unable to select levels, but you are forced into a boss fight with no walls and must defeat it to proceed. Its weakness is Frost Tower.
Maverick Notes
Magma Dragoon Get the heart. Use the Ride Armor to defeat boss.
Web Spider Get the Leg upgrade. Use Rising Fire to get heart. Carefully fight this boss.
Split Mushroom Get the heart quickly. Use Lightning Web on boss.
Frost Walrus Get the heart (Use Rising Fire). Get the EX-Tank (Use Lightning Web). Use Rising Fire on boss.
INTERMISSION Use Frost Tower on boss. Use the leg upgrade to dodge its attacks.
Cyber Peacock Get an S Rank on the levels, using Soul Body. You should get the Heart, Energy Upgrade, and Head Upgrade if successful. Use Soul Body on the boss.
Storm Owl Get the heart quickly with the Ride Armor. Get the Arms Upgrades (use Lightning Web). Use Aiming Laser on the boss.
Jet Stingray Get the heart and Sub-Tank on higher areas of the levels. Use Frost Tower on the boss.
Slash Beast Get the heart using Ride Armor. Use Ground Hunter on the boss.
RE-VISITS Go back to Volcano to get the Armor upgrade (use a charged Twin Slasher). Revisit any other missing items. Refill your tanks, lives, and Nova Strike gauges at Snow Base.

As Zero[edit]

Two of Zero's "weapons" actually are skills that deal no damage, therefore the Maverick order has to be different.

The regular Z-saber deals slightly more damage to Web Spider than to most other Mavericks, while Slash Beast is the hardest boss, even with all other powerups.

This order may be challenging since you need to defeat Magma Dragoon first, which is hard even with Ride Armor. However, it also ensures that the stages do not need to be re-visited (or up to once, in case two of the hearts are too hard to get without Kuuenbu).

In case someone is trying a "No miss" run, starting with Marine Base (Jet Stingray) is also good, since it is a bike stage and easier to crush into walls.

Maverick Weakness Items Re-visit
Magma Dragoon Raijingeki (Heart) -
Web Spider Shippuga Heart (need Ryuenjin) -
Split Mushroom Raijingeki (Heart) -
Cyber Peacock Ryuenjin Heart, Sub-Tank (easier with Kuuenbu) -
Storm Owl Rakuhouha Heart -
Frost Walrus Ryuenjin Heart (need Ryuenjin), W-tank, EX-Tank (need Kuuenbu) -
Jet Stingray Hyouretsuzan Heart, Sub-Tank -
Slash Beast (Raijingeki) Heart -