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This maverick was hired by Sigma to crash colony Eurasia into Earth. He will occasionally attack Maverick Hunter HQ. Unfortunately he is unavoidable and you will be forced to fight him. His attacks are sort of like Zero's as he uses a sword. He will also jump around the screen trying to attack you.

Izzy Glow[edit]

This reploid is a famous yet stubborn scientist that gets affected by the Sigma Virus when you encounter him. At first his attacks consist of flying around the screen and disappears at random. He is considered the easiest boss as he can be killed by the X-Buster. He will also shoot fireflys that will follow you around the screen and explode soon after. When half his health is lost, he will shoot energy beams. He will shoot the beam up, down, left, and right. Use the walls to shoot him.

Guns N' Roses reference[edit]

In the English localization, the names of the eight Mavericks were changed to reference the names of the members of Guns N' Roses. The translator, Alyson Court, once stated that "the GnR references were all but fitting for a franchise with so many musical homages and tributes".

Original name Localized name Guns N' Roses reference
Spike Rosered Axle the Red Axl Rose
Crescent Grizzly Grizzly Slash Slash
Dark Necrobat Dark Dizzy Dizzy Reed
Shining Firefly Izzy Glow Izzy Stradin
Tidal Whale Duff McWhalen Duff McKagan
Volt Kraken Squid Adler Steven Adler
Burn Dinorex Mattrex Matt Sorum
Spiral Pegasus The Skyver Michael "High in the Sky" Monroe