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Note that all of Axl's weapons can rapid-fire and be aimed in any of eight directions; however, he can't move while firing. None of his weapons use any weapon energy, only his transformations do.

Axl Bullet[edit]

Axl's default weapon, which is available from the start of the game. Every eighth shot or so is a Guard Break.

Copy Shot[edit]

Press the Special Weapon button while Axl Bullet is equipped to fire the Copy Shot. Destroy a copyable enemy with it and he'll leave behind a DNA Core. Grab the DNA Core to enable the A-Trans weapon.


Enabled when you pick up a DNA Core from a defeated enemy. With this equipped, press the Fire button to transform into the enemy you got the Core from. Press the Character Change button to change back. Axl burns weapon energy while transformed.

Ray Gun[edit]

  • Obtained from: Optic Sunflower

This has a very high rapid-fire rate and resembles a laser when fired continuously in one direction.

Spiral Magnum[edit]

  • Obtained from: Gravity Antonion

This has a low firing rate, but its bullets are very powerful and can pass through walls and enemies.

Black Arrow[edit]

  • Obtained from: Dark Mantis

Its shots home in on enemies.

Plasma Gun[edit]

  • Obtained from: Gigavolt Man-O-War

This projects an electrical field in front of it. It has a short range, but a wide angle, and it's a Guard Break.

Flame Burner[edit]

  • Obtained from: Burn Rooster

It's a flamethrower. 'Nuff said.

Ice Gattling[edit]

  • Obtained from: Avalanche Yeti

Shoots ice bullets that can freeze enemies.

Bound Blaster[edit]

  • Obtained from: Earthrock Trilobyte

Its shots bounce off walls, floors, and ceilings.

Blast Launcher[edit]

  • Obtained from: Bamboo Pandamonium

This fires time-delayed grenades which explode on contact with an enemy, or after a couple of seconds. The explosions are Guard Breaks.