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PS2 PC Explanation
Neutral dpad, Neutral lstick
  • Move character.
  • Navigate menus.
Square button
  • X: Fire X-Buster. (Press and hold to charge.)
  • Zero: Use Z-Saber.
  • Axl: Fire currently equipped weapon.
Cross button
  • Jump.
Circle button
  • Dash.
Triangle button
  • X: Fire special weapons.
  • Zero: Use special techniques.
  • Axl: Fire Copy Shot.
L1 button / R1 button, Left rstick / Right rstick
  • Switch weapons left/right.
L2 button
  • Change characters.
  • Tag Assist.
  • Cancel Axl's transformations.
R2 button
  • Double Attack
Select button
  • Answer your navigator's calls.
  • Enter Chip R&D Lab from Stage Select Screen.
Start button
  • Select menu items, enter and exit the weapons sub menu.