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One upgrade for either X or Zero is hidden in each of the main eight stages.

  • X's upgrades:
    • Body Upgrade: hidden in L. Octopus' stage; reduces damage and allows to unleash the "Giga Crush".
    • Legs upgrade: hidden in V. Catfish's stage; allows X to perform mid-air dashes and to break some walls.
    • Head upgrade: hidden in N. Tiger's stage; useful to obtain X's Arms Upgrade, necessary to obtain the Shotokan; X's "Fire Wave" required.
    • Arms Upgrade: hidden in F. Mammoth's stage; allows to super-charge the X-Buster and to charge any special weapon; either X's or Zero's Legs & Head Upgrades required.
    • Shotokan Upgrade: hidden in Berkana's stage; allows to perform Hadouken and Shouryuken; all four X's upgrades are required.
  • Zero's upgrades:
    • Leg Crush: hidden in W. Sponge's stage; useful in Extreme Mode only.
    • Head Crush: hidden in O. Ostrich's stage; useful in Extreme Mode only.
    • Zero Final: hidden in T. Rhino's stage; it allows to perform a powerful attack; W. Sponge's "Lightning" required.
    • Defense Upgrade: hidden in B. Hornet's stage; it reduces suffered damage by half; T. Rhino's "Drill Crush" required.


One Heart-tank is hidden in each of the main eight stages. The heart increases the maximum HP of the character who collects it by two units.


Two sub-tanks are hidden in two of the eight main stages. Collect yellow DNA-souls and energy capsules to fill them up. Select a sub-tank from the menu to refill the character's energy.

  1. Flame Mammoth's stage (either X's Legs Upgrade or Zero's Leg Crush required)
  2. Wire sponge's stage


All the parts unlocked.

Parts can be acquired in exchange for DNA-souls, the "currency" in this video game. A part is unlocked when the characters collect a given number of DNA-souls. After beating any Maverick boss, including the intro stage boss, the characters gain 200 DNA-souls; smaller amounts of DNA-souls (4, 8 or 12) are randomly dropped by regular enemies.

In the table below, default sorting is by unlock value.

Part & Description Price Unlock User Notes
Energy Saver: use less power 100 200 comm. Probably the most important part
Bar. Exterder: extended barrier 100 200 comm.
Speed Shot: faster shot 100 200 X
Super Recover: recover more 200 200 comm. Only affects regular energy capsules
Saber Plus 1: Z-saber +1 200 200 Zero
Buster Plus 1: power shot +1 200 400 X
Buster Plus 2: power shot +2 200 800 X
Ultimate Saber: super slash 800 1000 Zero
Ultimate Buster: charged shot 500 1500 X
Saber Plus 2: Z-saber +2 500 2000 Zero
Hyper Charge: charge quickly 1000 2000 X It affects X's buster and all X's special weapons
Armor: create armor 2000 2000 X Also "unlocked" by finding four Upgrade Capsules
Hyper Dash: powerful move 1000 2500 comm. Necessary in the battle against Sigma (Extreme Mode)
Extreme mode 2000 3000 comm. Also unlocked by clearing both X and Zero Mission
Boss Attack mode 2000 4000 comm. Also unlocked by clearing Extreme mode


Energy capsule
Weapon capsule

These items are dropped randomly by destroyed enemies. Energy and weapon capsules come in two sizes: small ones restores two units, large ones restore ten units. Some 1-Ups and large capsules can be found in stages at fixed locations.

Fixed location items list:

  1. Wire Sponge stage: 1up
  2. Overdrive Ostrich stage: none
  3. Blast Hornet stage: none
  4. Tunnel Rhino stage: E-capsule
  5. Neon Tiger stage: E-capsule
  6. Volt Catfish stage: E-capsule
  7. Launch Octopus stage: E-capsule, W-capsule
  8. Flame Mammoth stage: E-capsule


Zero's ride armor

The Ride Armors enhance attack power and endurance, but they cannot get through narrow passages. The Hover Bike areas are played as a scrolling shooter game.

  1. Overdrive Ostrich stage: Hover Bike
  2. Tunnel Rhino stage: Ride Armor
  3. Neon Tiger stage: Ride Armor