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Known as Pseudoroids or Falseroids in the Japanese version, there are eight Pseudoroids that Vent/Aile must tackle through in order to progress through the story. Per standard Mega Man fare, Pseudoroids guard the exit of certain Areas, and the player must refight all eight on the final stage. However, in Mega Man ZX, the defeated Pseudoroids will be revived and return to their original locations later in the game, allowing the player to refight them at their leisure.

The Pseudoroids battle with use of Biometals; the four Guardian Biometals (Models H, P, L, and F) are held by two Pseudoroids for each Biometal. Once the Pseudoroid is defeated, the player is rewarded the Biometal; they simply acquire the Biometal the first time it's received, but upon receiving the same Biometal again, that particular Model is able to reach a higher upgrade capacity. On the harder difficulty setting, the Pseudoroids display slightly different attack patterns, such as greater speed or strength, and some Pseudoroids even present all new desperation attacks.

  • Hivolt the Raptoroid (Model H) - Guardian of Area E, a powerplant. A Pseudoroid with wings and detachable legs, allowing for remote energy attacks. Hivolt can also use its wings to guard attacks or perform slash combos. It can also surround the entire arena with strings of lasers.
  • Lurerre the Abysroid (Model L) - Guardian of Area F, a snowy mountain lake. It appears as a gentle mermaid-like Pseudoroid, but its body is actually attached to a gigantic fish capable of firing large torpedoes. Lurerre can also use a variety of ice attacks, such as an ice beam.
  • Fistleo the Predatoroid (Model F) - Guardian of Area G, a city ablaze. A beast-like Pseudoroid with incredible agility and strength. It uses a variety of close-ranged fire attacks. Furthermore, when too heavily damaged, Fistleo can recover its own life.
  • Purprill the Mandroid (Model P) - Guardian of Area H, an old amusement park. This playful monkey-like Pseudoroid uses a variety of shadow bombs to fight with. It is also acrobatic, climbing around the arena or twisting its body into a Shuriken formation to dash around the room.
  • Hurricaune the Wolveroid (Model H) - Guardian of Area I, a facility experiencing a power outage. Its neck, wrists, ankles, and waist are all capable of generating shockwaves to send at the enemy, and it can control strong gusts of wind to overcome its opponents.
  • Leganchor the Gelroid (Model L) - Guardian of Area J, an underwater city. A large sea monster that traps its opponents by dragging them in with underwater eddies, and then finishing them with its tentacles. If its opponent tries to escape, it summons large waves to push them back underwater.
  • Flammole the Moleroid (Model F) - Guardian of Area K, a volcanic region. A petite mole-like Pseudoroid that harnesses the power of magma to battle with. Nimble, it uses drills to burrow underground and surprise attack its opponent.
  • Protectos the Goreroid (Model P) - Guardian of Area L, a research facility. Protectos's flare is its hard outer-shell that protects it from most attacks. Protectos fires a variety of homing missiles and energy spheres, and when need be, can summon a powerful forcefield.