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  • Main Weapon: Buster Shot
Grey and Ashe in Reploid and Human forms respectively.

This is Grey's/Ashe's normal form. In this form, you can crouch, crawl, and float along the surface of water. However, you can't dash or wall jump. This form comes with a Buster Shot that cannot be charged. Grey's gun can have three bullets on-screen at a time, while Ashe's can only have two but is more powerful. Ashe crawls faster than Grey but has more knockback when hit.

Model A[edit]

  • Main Weapon: Buster Shot
  • Sub Weapon: Homing Shot
Grey fused with Model A.
Ashe fused with Model A.

This form has a chargeable buster gun. Grey's gun can have three bullets on-screen at a time, and can fire charged shots similar to those of Model X in the first ZX game (except for the lack of the double-shot). Ashe's gun can only have two bullets on-screen at a time, but her fully charged shot is a long, thin "Reflect Laser" that rebounds off walls, much like the Gemini Laser from Mega Man 3.

The sub weapon is the Homing Shot. Hold the sub weapon button and the gun projects a conical field in front of you. Any enemy that enters this field will be targeted, and will remain targeted even if they move outside of the field. After targeting some enemies, release the button to fire. Grey will fire a bunch of shots that will home in on each targeted enemy, while Ashe will fire a single shot that hits every targeted enemy, one at a time. This uses weapon energy.

This form also has the Giga Crush attack. Hold the Giga Crush button and a cube appears around you and expands. When it reaches full size, release the button to fire a barrage of shots that hit every enemy on the screen. This uses all of your weapon energy, and can thus only be used when your weapon energy gauge is full.

Mega Man Model A.

Other Mega Men[edit]


  • Main Weapon: ZX Saber
  • Sub Weapon: ZX Buster
Vent fused With Models Z and X.
Aile fused With Models Z and X.

As Grey you'll copy Aile, and as Ashe you'll copy Vent. Either way, you use Model ZX in this form, which plays very similarly to the first ZX game. You can perform a triple slash with the ZX Saber by pressing the button three times quickly, a rolling slash by pressing Up dpad + Main Weapon in midair, and a charged slash by holding down the Main Weapon button and releasing it. The charged slash uses weapon energy. Also, by holding Down dpad just after performing a midair slash, you can keep your ZX Saber held out until you hit the ground, so it can damage enemies below you.

There's also a new technique you can use with this form. As Aile (Grey), press Down dpad + Main Weapon in midair to perform "Fission", a straight downward stab that releases energy balls a short distance around you when it hits the ground. As Vent (Ashe), press Up dpad + Main Weapon on the ground to perform "Rising Fang", a rising uppercut that fires an energy wave forwards.

You also get the ZX Buster, which operates the same way as in the first ZX game, except that its fully-charged shots now use weapon energy.


  • Main Weapon: Short Saber
  • Sub Weapon: Long Saber
Mega Man Model H: Aoleus, the Wind Mega Man.

As the Model H Mega Man, Aeolus plays very similarly to Model HX from the first ZX game. He wields two sabers; press Main Weapon, Sub Weapon, Main Weapon in quick succession to perform a triple slash, and the third slash fires an energy wave a short distance in front of you. Also, charge up either saber and release to fire two Plasma Cyclones. Grey fires them both forwards, one diagonally up, the other diagonally down, while Ashe fires one straight forwards and one straight backwards. These cyclones are Lightning elements, and they use weapon energy.

This form also allows you to air-dash sideways by pressing the Dash button in midair, or upwards by pressing Up dpad + Dash in midair. You can also hover by either pressing or holding down the Jump button in midair (you can toggle this from the Options Screen).

This form also has the Enemy Analyzing feature which displays enemies' life meters and bosses' weak points on the lower screen.


  • Main Weapon: Left Knuckle Buster
  • Sub Weapon: Right Knuckle Buster
Mega Man Model F: Atlas, the Fire Mega Man(or in this case, Woman).

As the Model F Mega Man, Atlas plays very similarly to Model FX from the first ZX game. She wields dual busters that both operate the same way. She has the Buster Edit feature which allows you to draw paths on the lower screen for her uncharged shots to follow. Press Select button while on the subscreen to access it. You can set a different path for each buster. She can also fire straight up by holding Up dpad while firing.

Her charged shot also throws a punch attack that can break some blocks. When used at half-charge, she throws the punch, but doesn't fire the charged shot. When fully charged, she both throws the punch and fires the shot. The charged shot itself doesn't break blocks, only the punch does. As Grey, the charged shot is a large fireball that travels about half the width of the screen. As Ashe, the charged shot is a bomb that travels straight forward until it hits something, then explodes. Both are Flame elements, and use weapon energy.

There's an additional attack that can be performed by holding Down dpad while firing a charged shot. Grey releases a fire wave that travels along the ground, while Ashe plants a bomb on the ground that explodes after a few seconds. Both are Flame elements, and use weapon energy.


  • Main Weapon: Halberd
Mega Man Model L: Thetis, the Ice Mega Man.

Thetis, using Model L, plays similarly to Model LX from the first ZX game. He can swim freely about underwater, and can water-dash in 8 directions by pressing the Dash button while in water. However, he will automatically stop swimming if he takes a hit. His weapon is a halberd, which he can twirl in a circle around him while swimming. As Grey, the halberd's charged attack creates a Freezing Dragon that slowly floats straight forwards. As Ashe, the charged attack creates an ice block, which you can then slash with the halberd to shatter it into ice shards that shoot forwards. Both attacks are Ice elements, and use weapon energy.

This form also has the Item Scanner, which points out nearby items on a map on the lower screen.


  • Main Weapon: Kunai
Mega Man Model P:Siarnaq, the Shadow Mega Man.

Siarnaq, using Model P, plays similarly to Model PX from the first ZX game. He attacks by throwing Kunai around, about three or four at a time. As Grey, his charged attack throws the Cross Star (Shuriken), which travels forwards about half the width of the screen, then returns to him. As Ashe, the charged attack produces a shield of Mandala Stars around him that block enemy attacks. You start with six stars, and lose one with each attack they block. You can restore them with another charged attack. Both the Cross Star and the Mandala Stars use weapon energy.

With this form, you can also hang from ceilings, rails, and certain platforms by holding Up dpad as you reach it. When hanging from a platform, double-tap Up dpad to climb up onto it. When standing on said platforms, double-tap Down dpad to drop down and hang from it.

This form also allows you to see a larger area around you when in dark places. It also has the Radar Scope, which shows a map of your surroundings and enemy locations on the touch screen, which is useful in dark areas. You can touch an enemy's icon on the touch screen to throw a Kunai directly at it, but this uses weapon energy.



  • Main Weapon: Burning Arrow

Buckfire doesn't really run, he dashes everywhere instead. Pressing the Dash button performs his Slash Dash, which can damage enemies, but it doesn't make him go any faster. He can't cling to walls, and his wall kick launches him away from the wall with such force that he can't turn in midair to land back on the same wall at a higher point than he kicked off from. Thus, he can't climb single walls, though he can wall kick back and forth between two walls. He can't climb ladders, either.

Buckfire shoots three Burning Arrows with each press of either attack button: one straight forwards, one diagonally up and forwards, and one diagonally down and forwards. These are Flame elements. His normal charged attack is the Double Tomahawk, which throws two spinning projectiles in either direction that move in a triangular formation and return to him. This uses weapon energy.

If you hold Up dpad and release a charged attack on the ground, he performs Rockit, where he launches himself straight up and damages enemies above him. He can break some blocks with this move, and it carries him much higher than a normal jump, so it can be used to reach high places. Try transforming at the peak of the attack into someone who can climb walls to reach high areas. This uses weapon energy.

Release a charged attack in midair to perform his Meteor Kick, a powerful kicking attack that rockets him diagonally down and forwards. This move can break some blocks, and it uses weapon energy.


  • Main Weapon: Ice Needle

Much like Thetis, Chronoforce can swim freely about underwater, and can water-dash in 8 directions by pressing the Dash button while in water. Unlike Thetis, however, he can't be knocked out of swim mode by an attack.

He attacks by shooting Ice Needles straight forwards. These are Ice elements. His charged attack is the Time Bomb, which slows time for the rest of the world for a few seconds. This uses weapon energy.

His upper shell is heavily armored and can deflect enemy shots. It's also immune to spikes, enabling him to push up underwater platforms that have spikes on the bottom.

Being designed for underwater maneuverability, however, he is completely immobile on land. He can't even shoot Ice Needles on land, though he can still use Time Bomb. You can still transform into someone else while the Time Bomb is in effect.


Bulb Form

  • Main Weapon: Rose Wire
  • Sub Weapon: Bulb Shot

Flower Form

  • Main Weapon:Rose Wire
  • Sub Weapon:Rose Stinger
Rospark in both Bulb and Flower forms.

Rospark in bulb form, is slow on the ground, can't jump very high, and can't dash or climb walls or ladders. His main weapon, the Rose Wire, is used like a whip, while his sub weapon, the Bulb Shot, only fires straight up. Both attacks become Lightning elements when charged, and use weapon energy then.

Rospark is most useful for his ability to grab onto and climb vertical wires and poles, where he changes into his more powerful Flower form. Press Up dpad when in front of a wire to grab onto it, and he can then climb up and down on it with Up dpad and Down dpad. If there is another wire next to the one he's on, he can climb across to it by holding Left dpad or Right dpad and using the Rose Wire. When charged, the Rose Wire can electrify other wires.

When on a wire, his sub weapon becomes the Rose Stinger, which fires a spread of four projectiles at different angles. When charged, it fires three Lightning element projectiles. If all three hit a wall, floor, or ceiling, they form a triangular field between them that damages any enemy within the triangle. This uses weapon energy.


  • Main Weapon: Plug Shot

Hedgeshock's dash is a rolling attack that can damage enemies. By holding Down dpad and dashing, he can fit into small passageways and damage enemies in them. However, if either attack doesn't kill the enemy, the impact will also damage Hedgeshock. He also can't climb walls, but he can climb ladders.

His main weapon fires small yellow bullets straight forward, much like Grey's basic buster gun. When charged, he fires a spread of five Lightning elemental shots in a half-circle; upwards if he's on the ground, downwards if he's in the air, and two shots up and down if he's on a ladder. This uses weapon energy.


  • Main Weapon: Sound Vibration

Vulturon can hover by holding the Jump button in midair. Unlike Aeolus, whose hover ability simply slows his descent, Vulturon doesn't descend at all while hovering, so he can float across large gaps. Also unlike Aeolus, his hover ability works underwater. However, he continually uses up weapon energy while hovering.

He can also stick to walls without sliding down, and by doing so can lower barriers that are suspended by a pulley system. However, he can't dash or climb ladders.

His weapon, Sound Vibration, projects a circular aura around himself to damage nearby enemies. When charged, he swings his guitar out to strike enemies.


  • Main Weapon: Ar-Throw
  • Sub Weapon: Ghost

Argoyle has an unlimited dash; you can dash as far and as long as you want with him. He can't climb walls, but he can climb ladders.

Argoyle throws explosives for his main weapon. By holding Up dpad or Down dpad as you use it, you can affect the angle of the throw. Said explosives bounce off walls, ceilings, and floors. This weapon cannot be charged.

His sub weapon, when charged, summons a ghost form of Ugoyle a short distance in front of Argoyle who mimics his movements, similar to the Soul Body from Mega Man X4. It costs weapon energy to summon him, and he'll disappear after a few seconds. As a ghost, Ugoyle can pass through walls and grab items for you. While he is active, press the sub weapon button to make Ugoyle perform a kick attack. Try throwing a bomb with Argoyle and then kicking it with Ugoyle.


  • Main Weapon: Needle Shot

Queenbee can fly by pressing the Jump button repeatedly, although each press uses weapon energy. She can also lift certain objects that have a yellow docking ring on top; stand on the ring, press Down dpad to dock with it, then press the Jump button repeatedly to lift it. Press Up dpad to let go of it. However, she can't dash or climb walls or ladders.

She attacks by firing the Needle Shot, which only goes diagonally down and forwards. When charged, it's a Flame element and explosive, and uses weapon energy.


  • Main Weapon: Crocod'wheel
  • Sub Weapon: Ice Fang

This guy is huge. Due to his immense size, he doesn't fit through doors and some corridors, he walks slowly, and he can't dash or climb walls or ladders.

His main weapon is the Crocod'wheel, a spinning, spiked wheel that rolls across floors and up walls. For his sub weapon, he opens his jaws so wide they become a vertical line and shoots icicles at various heights. He will continue shooting icicles as long as you hold down the sub weapon button. The icicles are, of course, Ice elements and use weapon energy. When you release the sub weapon button, he snaps his jaws shut in a bite attack. This bite can destroy the yellow blocks with the electric Xs inside them. Neither weapon can be charged or used in midair. He can also attack enemies by jumping on their heads, Mario-style, or by simply turning around and hitting them with his tail.