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Medals can be obtained from certain bosses that you fight. Specifically, each of the 8 Pseudoroids has 3 associated with them, making 24 in total. (None of the Mega Men have medals, as they cannot be refought.)

They act as "achievements" of sorts for beating bosses in certain ways. Gold medals are usually hardest to obtain, but all 24 medals, including the Bronze and Silver ones, are needed to unlock a secret Model upon starting a new game.


  • Bronze Medal - Finish Buckfire with Hedgeshock's Rolling Spike or Rolling Dash.
  • Silver Medal - Hit ONLY Buckfire's weak point.
  • Gold Medal - Hit Buckfire with Model P ONLY by touch screen (touch the "!" on the lower screen to throw a kunai).


  • Bronze Medal - Finish Chronoforce with charged Saber (Model ZX).
  • Silver Medal - Finish Chronoforce with Buckfire Slash Dash.
  • Gold Medal - Hit Chronoforce ONLY with Queenbee.


  • Bronze Medal - Finish Queenbee by hitting ONLY the hive.
  • Silver Medal - Finish Queenbee WITHOUT any bees summoned.
  • Gold Medal - Finish Queenbee WITHOUT hitting the hive.


  • Bronze Medal - Finish Rospark when he's in bulb form.
  • Silver Medal - Hit Rospark ONLY with Argoyle/Ugoyle.
  • Gold Medal - Hit Rospark ONLY with Rospark.

Argoyle and Ugoyle[edit]

  • Bronze Medal - Finish them at the same time by Model A's Giga Crush.
  • Silver Medal - Finish them at the same time by Hedgeshock's Spark Ball.
  • Gold Medal - Finish them at the same time by Buckfire's Double Tomahawk.


  • Bronze Medal - Finish Hedgeshock with Chronoforce.
  • Silver Medal - Finish Hedgeshock by knocking a summoned rat into her.
  • Gold Medal - Hit Hedgeshock ONLY as human/reploid form.


  • Bronze Medal - Hit Bifrost ONLY with Queenbee.
  • Silver Medal - Hit Bifrost ONLY with Buckfire.
  • Gold Medal - Hit Bifrost ONLY with Model A's Homing Shot.


  • Bronze Medal - Make the battle last more than 2 minutes (120 seconds) (Do it with Gold Rank).
  • Silver Medal - Finish Vulturon off with Aeolus's SonicBoom.
  • Gold Medal - Defeat Vulturon with ONLY the Giga Crush (best advised to do this before you get weapons meter upgrades)