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The first level where you control a Biometal, namely Model A. Buckfire is waiting for you at the end!

After being ambushed by Prometheus and Pandora, you'll fuse with Model A to form Mega Man Model A, who is heavily inspired by Axl from the Mega Man X series.

Main Area[edit]

When you start, move to the right, and take out the four gun mechanaloids, with three shots each. Jump onto the platform to take out the rocket mechanaloid, also with three shots. When you reach the bottom, there is a mech that shoots rockets, but differently from the previous one. This one a bit harder, taking eight shots to destroy. Jump on the next carriage to take a rocket mechanaloid, and below it is a rocket mech to take out.

The next carriage has three mechs dropping grenades. Use your homing attack here, which will deal with it in one shot. Shoot down one more rocket mechanaloid to advance to the boss room.

Boss: Buckfire[edit]

  • Health — 2 bars
  • Recommended weapon — Buster

Buckfire will shoot a tripe-arrow strike, and do a meteor kick rhythmically. You can dash under the arrows and away from the kick. He will also throw tomahawk-like blades that spin around and return to him, which you can jump over. Keep using the charged shot and dodge, and you'll win.


  • Data Disk - B10