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Mega Man ZX Advent is a "Metroidvania", which is a sidescroller platformer where the levels are found in an open world. While finding/choosing most of the levels is non-linear, the levels themselves are linear (for the most part).

Like it's predecessor, Mega Man ZX Advent lets you play as one of two heroes, both of different gender and stats. You can pick from:

  • Grey: 14 year old Reploid boy. He can fire 4 shots from his buster at a time but crawls slower than Ashe.
  • Ashe: 15 year old Human girl. She can fire 3 shots from her buster at a time but takes more knockback than Grey.

Each stage has a boss that the player fights, defeating them copies the boss' data which enables you to play as the boss. Much like the Mega Man X series, the player can find Sub-tanks and health upgrades within the levels but the players can also obtain BM upgrades and chips from friendly NPCs.